Speechless: L-O-N-- LONDON (Part 1)
October 5, 2018 6:56 PM - Season 3, Episode 1 - Subscribe

In the season 3 premiere, the DiMeos cross the pond so Maya can ask her estranged father, the challenging Martin, for a loan to save their house. Meanwhile, Jimmy puts on his "fun dad" hat to ensure JJ has a great trip, Ray digs deep to summon Californian vibes to endear himself to British girls, and Kenneth reveals a love for all things royal.
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The 'TGIF' stunting between Fresh Off The Boat & Speechless was cute. And, like Fresh Off The Boat, I just wanted to post a thread for Speechless just to say I'm happy this show is back for another season.
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I love this show, but four plotlines never works as well as they think it will. Kenneth and Dylan's royal love could have been cut entirely (or shunted off onto DVD extras), and nothing would have suffered. Ray's The Californians accent could have been a cute joke for two scenes, but a whole arc was unnecessary. Jimmy and JJ's inspiration-porn plotline had to happen that way, and John Ross Bowie and Micah Fowler did what they could with it, and that's all I have to say about it.

But, ah, John Cleese in full John Bastard Cleese mode made it worth it. Even on a show that's as acidic as Speechless often is, the pure rage he threw toward the bus made me cry with laughter, and he wasn't even doing any "jokes" (and Jimmy's tag on that scene was perfect). The apology scene was gloriously dumb, and I can't wait to see how Cleese gets to react to the inevitable revelation that they only came to ask for money.

I love this show, and I want every opening scene from now on to be a new '80s sitcom theme song.
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