Speechless: Season 2
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A family with a child with special-needs is good at dealing with the challenges it faces and excellent at creating new ones.
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W-E-- WE'RE B-A-- BACK! - In the second season-opener, the family make changes toward self-improvement, but then they chuck these plans and hit the road to find a special camp friend of JJ's who wants to give him his first kiss.

Hey, so, I thought this was one of the best new shows of last season. Individual episode threads didn't garner many comments (but I think sometimes with a good comedy there's not much to say beyond "wow was that funny"), so, I figured having one thread for all of S2 would be fine.

So, yeah. Still very funny.
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I agree that this was definitely one of the best shows of last season, and the first episode of this one hits at the same level. Looking forward to where they're going.

Also, Alan Sepinwall had a great interview with the creator that goes into the show's creation that is definitely worth checking out.
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This is an amazing show- i can't believe that NO networks in Canada picked it up last year. Can't wait to watch season two, although we usually let a few episodes pile up since we have to stream.
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