Arrow: Inmate 4587
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The Season 7 premiere picks up 5 months after Oliver turned himself in to the FBI and revealed his secret identity as Green Arrow to the public. He's incarcerated at Slabsiode Maximum Security Prison and determined to keep a low profile in order to shorten his sentence for the sake of his family, but is tested when he runs into old foes. Meanwhile, Diggle and Dinah have taken on new jobs and left their costumes behind, but not everyone is following suit.
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Any guesses as to who the new Green Arrow operating in Star City is? He has a list of names and he's borrowed the catchphrase. I wonder if it's a new character because I imagine a shocking scene where the hood comes down and the audience gasps "Aha!.... who the hell is that?"
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Any guesses as to who the new Green Arrow operating in Star City is? He has a list of names and he's borrowed the catchphrase. I wonder if it's a new character because I imagine a shocking scene where the hood comes down and the audience gasps "Aha!.... who the hell is that?"

I'm definitely going to be 'who is that?'-ing, I didn't get that the dude on the island was older Roy Harper until I read it in the recaps, and I couldn't remember who any of the prison baddies were (I mean, I recognized Vinnie Jones as himself but was drawing a blank on his specific Arrow appearances.

Anyway, I thought this was a promising start to the season, in that it seemed to promise not to be as awful as season 6. I just hope they don't waste another entire season on Diaz.
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I also had to look up the guys in prison.

- Vinnie Jones was "Brick", the mob boss who liked to personally fight his enemies to the death because he's got really tough skin and high endurance, able to take a glance of a bullet to the head and keep going, he worked under Darhk for a few episodes.

- Michael Jai White was Ben Turner aka Bronze Tiger in the comics, he was back in season 1, where he teamed up with China White and fought with hand-held claws.

- The third guy is Derek Sampson, played by Cody Runnels, who was an Arrow original villain (I think, couldn't find references to him in comics), he was a mob boss that got dropped into a vat of the Stardust drug and acquired accelerated healing powers, as well as enhanced endurance and strength. He was incarcerated in the Metahumans wing of Iron Heights, then released because it was Adrian Chase that convicted him so he got released when Chase was outed as Prometheus, then he actually worked with Chase until he was defeated again. I'm surprised they don't have him back in Iron Heights (Brick too), considering his powers. Though I guess their powers don't need any special enhanced protocols because they're still susceptible to multiple attackers as well as conventional weapons.

I thought this was a promising start, with a couple of stumbles. Namely I was mostly annoyed that one minute we thought Felicity was gonna die (even if we know she won't) and then she showed up in the prison with a hand-wavy "oh ARGUS showed up in time to save us". And they never said what happened to Diaz, I guess he got away. After all this time I guess Felicity is going to take up more fighting lessons and actually go after Diaz herself? That seems slightly unbelievable, and also super risky considering original Laurel did the same and that didn't end well. And what can she do that Curtis and all of ARGUS couldn't do?

I realized it was old Roy Harper because of the grey hairs, which seems to be unnecessary because adult William couldn't be older than 10 years from now, and Roy isn't that old now. I am excited that we might be getting more consistent flashback scenes, which is actually flashforward scenes, and I'm gonna go ahead and assume this Green Arrow is adult William gone back in time with a list of people who will fuck up his present. The "flashbacks" is of him seeking Roy out to train him.

It's predictable, but I think it'll make for an interesting story.
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I didn't recognize Roy whatsoever and was all "wtf older William?" Is Oliver in jail alllllll that time?

I hate flashbacks (on this show anyway) and love flash forwards, so that's an improvement.

I love Felicity's pink hair so much.
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I just assumed the new Green Arrow was Roy, because of the parkour moves. My assumption got thrown out the window when we first saw the red-suited archer on the island, leading me to believe I must be mistaken, but I'm back to my original guess because we've now learned that the island timeline is the future timeline. (Or it's all impersonators.)

I have to say, Felicity did better against Diaz than Laurel did, than the rest of Team Arrow did, and than every other baddie who went up against Diaz did. Way to go Felicity! I have no idea why the 24-hour Argus protection took so long to get to her (Diaz knocked them out or killed them?) but that seemed like something that needed at least a line of explanation.

I'm having a really hard time with Earth-II Laurel as the D.A. but whatever, I'll let it slide for now. Actually, no I won't. Even if nobody realized she isn't the Earth-I Laurel, I still don't know why anybody in that city would allow her to be the DA. They know she was a vigilante. They put up a statue to that fact.

I loved Dinah's moto jacket. It was a gorgeous colour on her. Her hair also looked good, but boy or boy, did they trowel on the make-up. I'm sure she doesn't need that much to make her look attractive. I swear it looked as if the only way to remove it was with a jackhammer.

Now that we've got an Oliver with a full beard, can we please, please have his post-prison new look (because we know he was to have one) as the mustache and goatee/Van Dyke--you know, the traditional comic book Oliver Queen facial fuzz. At least for a little while. I know Amell has always said that look wasn't an option, but it would be nice to throw the fans a bit of a bone.

Thanks numaner for the prison-inmate run-down. I couldn't remember half of those guys. I must say, I want to see Vinnie Jones come back for the next Arrowverse musical crossover. After his work in Galvant, I think he'd be great for a quick, guest-starring number. (Don't know if anybody here saw the Crazy Ex-Girlfriend thread, but somebody over there had a brilliant (joke of an) idea.)

Any speculation on which bad guy Oliver's little prison buddy is going to be? I haven't kept up with the preseason news and leaks this time around.

It's funny, I had never thought about hardcover books in prison until I was reading that thread posted on the blue about U.S. prisons moving to e-readers, and one MeFite made a comment about hardcover books being prohibited due being a potential source of weapons. That's the first thing I thought of when I saw that book in Oliver's cell. I said to myself, "apparently that's a problematic prop. I guess they just put it there so the viewer would have a better chance to read the title." Seems I was wrong on that assumption, and it did turn into a weapon, even if it wasn't a shiv. So thanks MetaFilter for some basic education into prison dangers.

Getting back to the island, I guess it's good to see that future William (assuming he is from this timeline/earth and not some future Earth 38 version or something) hasn't turned into a villain himself. I was starting to think with his ever-increasing abandonment issues (good job, Felicity), that would be part of the standard comic book trope for a villain's origin story.
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I'm having a really hard time with Earth-II Laurel as the D.A.

She read that one law book so I'm sure she is qualified.

I'm assuming Roy is the Green Arrow. Help from one of the present day Legends, or the Flash, makes more sense than a time traveling William. Then again, maybe getting to know her dad is not the only reason why Nora has traveled back in time. What if she brought William along?
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Well, it is Star City. They've killed off every other person who is qualified to hold public office or serve in the public service, so maybe her one law book does qualify her for the position.

That (Nora bringing people from her timeline to the current timeline) would certainly be a way to do an Arrowverse crossover: future kids and teammates travel back to the past to deal with some terrible blight that will wipe out the future. I know they did that last season on Supergirl (with the Legion popping up) but that's not to say something similar can't happen with people from a different point in the future. (Mind you, from what little I've read about Legends this season, it seems a variant on that--future/alternative versions of the team encounter each other--that maybe this idea is too hold hat for the writers.)
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oh speak of crossovers, Stephen Amell tweeted this cover with him wearing the Flash suit and Grant Gustin in the Arrow suit. He also added "This is real, btw. I’m in the Flash suit while I type this." Further proof is this still of a story from his instagram.


"Elseworlds" is a terrible name though.
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It's a terrible name because, as DC readers know, Elseworlds titles exist outside of continuity. They're essentially "what if" stories that can see Batman solving the Jack the Ripper case or a Soviet Superman. They don't (or shouldn't) have an impact on the main titles or the canon character development. Calling it Elseworlds is just a signal that none of this should matter, and that viewers are free to ignore the episodes.

Now, I'm not saying that's going to be the reality for the Arrowverse. In a lot of ways, these episodes should matter as they are going to be introducing a new major player (and location?) into the shared continuity. It just seems that in trying to go for cool-sounding, they're kind of slapping readers in the face for daring to have pre-conceived notions about what a word or a concept means.
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