Sons of Anarchy: The Separation of Crows
October 29, 2014 3:22 PM - Season 7, Episode 8 - Subscribe

No son is safe.
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I'd just like to point out that the redhead guy in the other chapter (who is left outraged by yet another senseless murder by Jax,) is Tony Curran, the same actor who is playing Datak, the high point villain in Defiance. He also played Vincent in the Doctor Who episode of the same name. Expect him to absolutely chew up the scenes he's in during future episodes. Absolutely an actor to watch out for in the next few years.

I watch Sons (on 1.5 speed,) because they do pack a lot of twists in, but I think Jax should be on the FBI's most wanted list. He's killed more people than Dexter, hasn't he?
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It seemed like Jury didn't actually confess to selling the Sons out the Chinese before Jax shot him. Does that mean the mole could be someone else? Also, I didn't really get why he was saying that John Teller had probably killed himself. Gemma and Clay have both frequently admitted they were responsible. Are we supposed to take it as meaning that Jury is lying, mistaken or trying to wreck Jax's head? Or was it just to make the point that John died before he destroyed his club and that Jax might not do the same?

Nero's fond thoughts of his happy future life on the farm don't bode well for his ending the season alive.

I'm glad Bobby's alive but I spent the hand scene with my eyes firmly closed and it was still traumatic.
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Well, between Bobby and the mutilated birds, I definitely will not be eating any more takeout while watching SOA.

I replayed the scene, but still could not figure it out- what was Juice fingering in his hand while sitting in his cell at the end?
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It was some sort of bug but I couldn't tell you which kind. The look on his face after he killed it was chilling.
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Ah, good to know, thanks.
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The lunchbox beating was an 'accident'.
Gemma: Do you understand what an accident is?
Abel: Do you?
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Yeah, that child has a dry sense of humour alright.
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What do you expect from the evil twin son of Don Draper?
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They really couldn't find a child actor who didn't look and speak as if he'd been lobotomized?
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Overall, I thought the episode did a good job, although I would like to register a formal complaint about increasingly long show times. An hour and half is a bit much but then I noticed that the next two episodes are 2 hours and 2 and half hours respectively.

I don't think I have much love left in me for Sons. It's reached the point where everything is so over the top and so brutal that I'm just here for the end. And part of that exhaustion is the length of the episodes.
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He's killed more people than Dexter, hasn't he?

He's done many of the deeds but the responsibility for a large number of deaths lies squarely on Gemma's head because of her scheming and generally insanity - J.T., Clay*, Piney, Tara, Eli, however many Chinese guys including the poor bastard who ended up with a knife in his skull (which was probably the best part of his horrible night), all the women at Diosa, and now Bobby. And Abel probably eventually. And all the people that poor psychotic kid is going to take out from a bell tower sooner or later.

Jax's got nothing on Gemma WRT bodycount.

*Someone correct me if I'm wrong but IIRC Gemma pushed Clay to kill J.T. way back when - which eventually gave Jax reason to kill Clay - which Gemma was fine with.
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