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I just binged it this weekend and I liked it way way better than s2. There were some slow eps in the beginning, but it picked up by ep 4, I think. Basically once Dex’s storyline started. And I enjoyed seeing more of Karen’s history. And Vanessa was well done.
I think my favs now go:
LC first half of S1

And the rest can probably just be forgotten. If I haven’t already.
posted by greermahoney at 1:29 PM on October 21, 2018

I'm still mad at season 2 for retconning his radar sense.
posted by runcibleshaw at 4:10 PM on October 21, 2018

Have to say, emo Murdock in the early episodes was pretty annoying. Yeah, yeah, you've seen god's face...etc. We get it, dude.

In the first season, Matt wrapped his hands in rope before the famous hallway fight - a fight he went into already wounded and battered, down to his last reserves of strength. I think the focus on his using Mui Thai rope bindings on this season is a callback - the whole season is a hallway fight, Matt on his last legs.
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About his hands - this is totally a derail and a minor thing - they look so soft when he's first recovering at the church, and they're well manicured. He's got a couple of mm of nail white and nary a chip to be seen.

I'm a molecular biologist that's transitioned mostly into regulatory work (ie., staring at a screen and typing rather than nitrile gloves and pipetting, some freeweight and body resistance training) and after three weeks of cleaning, packing, moving, cleaning, unpacking, cleaning some more, assembling furniture, cleaning yet some more, and helping move the office after that - my hands are battered as heck. Torn nails, ragged cuticles, new callus that's sloughing off in horn-like fragments, etc.

I'm sticking to my pet theory that everyone in the Marvel universe has enhanced baseline regeneration efficacy and rates than humans in this viewer universe.
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this is much better than season 2. though all the emo is just... too much. Karen is just a drag. sure the writers are trying to give her a full character based in tragedy but all Jessica Woll does is snivel and slump. i do like were they took Vanessa's character and wish they would have brought her in sooner, because Fisk is so much more interesting when he is interacting with her - you can almost have sympathy for him. there is complexity to the character. but even with an actor as good as D'Onfrio, the evil mastermind theme can get thuddingly dull. just relentlessly negative. interesting to see the show in context of the past 3 years - from gritty but optimistic to violent and near-hopeless. i mean, the only "win" the heroes get is via intense violence and destructive revenge, even if the villians do deserve it. and all the soul-searching about not killling... it bogs things down. i do think Dex was well played out, though FFS did they REALLY have to, literally, fridge his "girlfriend"? who wasn't even a girlfriend, but a horribly victimized plot device. sigh. oh well. this hews closer to the tone of Punisher, but has a little more fantasy and a little less uh... punishment. and i still like this better than JJ. wish LC had help up the promise of S!, i really enjoyed that - but couldn't even get through S2. still think DD S1 is still the best of the lot.
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The multiple character arcs that revolve around the love of a good woman keeps men from doing evil things really played badly for me. That's not unique to DD - it's a lot of stories. It really hit a sour note here though given that every single major male character has some aspect of it.
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But the love of a good woman doesn't keep Fisk from doing evil things...
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Not generally, no, though it was a repeated point that his actions were partly motivated by keeping Vanessa out of that part of his life. He does spare the old woman's life because of Vanessa (that's when I posted). Then Vanessa joins in willingly (which I only saw after I posted) - either a demonstration of Fisk's corrupting influence or Vanessa's desire for power (presented as love for Fisk).
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I enjoyed this way more than S2, although I do have mild reservations about the show functionally hitting the reset button at the end of the season. Still, I prefer less-angsty DD in general (more Mark Waid, less Frank Miller), and Sister Mary was certainly more enjoyable as a take-no-shit-confidante for DD than Electra, who I hope can stay buried.
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>the love of a good woman keeps men from doing evil things

I thought the show was actually really good about dealing with and reversing that trope in particular, though it does look bad before the arcs have resolved. Marci generally guides Foggy into more lucrative, less charitable work. Sister Maggie convinced everyone around her to lie for her and carried on the lie much longer than she had to. Vanessa turned out to be as ruthless as Fisk, or in some cases even more so (she ordered a hit where Kingpin wanted to throw Nadeem in jail). Karen was much more capable of violence and manipulation than Foggy suspected.

Men repeatedly assumed that women were some kind of frail, morally pure thing to protect, but the women in the series- especially Karen and Vanessa- burst through that shell the men in their lives built for them and asserted themselves as full people with just as much agency and just as many serious ideas and serious flaws as any man.

The time the trope is most explicitly explored in this season is with Dex. Dex initially uses a psychiatrist, whose entire full time paid job is keeping him from doing things that harm himself or others, as his moral compass, then an explicitly imaginary version of a woman in a way that's repeatedly shown to be unhealthy and largely unhelpful to himself, then a man.
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I just watched the scene where Karen talks to Fisk in his hotel suite. I'm 100% certain that the buttons on his vest where misbuttoned.
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I did not realize the prison scene was a oner. I need to rewatch that.
posted by greermahoney at 12:07 AM on October 27, 2018

Thanks for the heads up about the prison scene being a oner, its damned fine. That must have been absolutely grueling for Charlie Cox.
posted by porpoise at 8:01 PM on October 31, 2018

Charlie Cox and stunt person(s?), I clocked it was a oner early on and then started spotting when they were tapping in/out, really good.
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Skipping the comments to post about episodes as I go along.

Halfway through episode 3 and I will conceded that I misjudged Ray. Or rather I misjudged the writing for him. I thought they would pull out the trope of desperate agent taking a deal with the devil. But he's really just ambitious and also is trying to do the right thing. Taking a moment to realize that the financial hole he dug for himself was really to help his sister in law fight cancer because of a shitty system, not something selfish or unethical. And even though the bureaucracy of the FBI sucks, he's just trying to get out of the hole. Blaming himself for the transport ambush takes some real moral character, and I'm glad we have just a good guy in a tough situation trying to do right, instead of the tropey corrupt agent most shows have.

Unless this changes in the next few episodes and I'll be eating my words...
posted by numaner at 9:09 PM on November 3, 2018

I really liked the "one take" fights and escape in the prison. This show tends to do action really well and it shined there. I don't remember one from season 2 though, but this one definitely reminded me of the one take fight in the hallway in season 1.

So Dex's past was a hell of a storyline. That was a great dive into his psyche. Definitely mirroring the dive into Fisk's in season 1.

I think not involving another hero like Castle is definitely helping the pacing of this season. The slow build up of Bull's Eye origin works well with it.
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Ok, the Ray and SIC Hattley talking about how Fisk could be playing them while he's being watched 24/7 is just bad writing. The lawyers obviously sneaked in all kinds of things like cell phones and whatnot with the cameras turned off, on top of them providing Fisk with his home decorations. There's so many ways he could be running a friggin' business right under their nose.
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oh yeah including a secret room built into the hotel he now owns. man the FBI is not portrayed with any competence in this show.
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Ray is not gonna survive this season is he?
posted by numaner at 12:55 AM on November 4, 2018

oh that's supposed to be SAC Hattley up there and OMG I did not see that coming! WTF damn this show is so good now!

Actually the bit about Maggie being Matt's mom was unnecessary. I remain unconvinced right now that it's relevant to the story.
posted by numaner at 1:03 AM on November 4, 2018

Almost through with episode 12 and dear god every solo scene with almost anybody in a straight frame has me anticipating a bullet or a shuriken or some object flying in and killing them.
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Ok I'm actually glad that Ray's death was a whole scene and not super sudden.
posted by numaner at 9:22 PM on November 4, 2018

that was wrapped up in a neat little package, with even a bow on top for next season. I liked this season quite a bit. I think it really feels like more of a Daredevil season than the last one, which was basically a season long back-door pilot for Punisher and Defenders. This one felt like a true season 2.
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Vulture: How Daredevil Filmed Its 10-Minute Prison Fight in a Single Take.

thanks for this! I'm glad to know it was a true oner. When I first watched it I was seriously questioning why Matt seems so worn out just from fighting a few prisoners, when he's taken on an entire room of low level henchies without breaking a sweat. Now I know that's the 7th take, most of each is that exhausting brawl in the beginning, and the 3rd complete one overall. The wheezing we hear as he's walking out of the nurse's room is for real!
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I just rewatched the scene. From what I can tell the stunt double was only in it for about half of that initial fight, and then at the start of the first two guards beating down on Matt, to until he kicks them off him like the article said. But from that point on the whole rest of the shot is all Charlie Cox. That's pretty amazing.
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Finally finished it. Well, that was better than season 2 for me.

I thought the end was leading up to Dex killing Fisk and Vanessa taking over the organization. Or that Dex's"Daredevil" ends up dead publicly. I'm surprised it didn't go there.

I am pleased to see the old gang getting back together.

The character of Ray did an excellent job this season.
posted by jenfullmoon at 4:13 PM on November 16, 2018

yeah I was prepared not to like him at first and I was sad when he died
posted by numaner at 5:22 PM on November 16, 2018

My ranking of the Netflix Marvel shows:

01: Jessica Jones season 1
02: The Punisher season 1
03: Daredevil season 3
04: Daredevil season 1
05: Luke Cage season 2
06: Jessica Jones season 2
07: Daredevil season 2
08: Luke Cage season 1
09: Iron Fist season 2
10: The Defenders
11: Iron Fist season 1
posted by Pendragon at 12:34 PM on November 26, 2018

I haven't been particularly interested in the previous Daredevils (Luke Cage, Punisher, and Jessica Jones were my favourites) but after the first few episodes this season really hooked me. To be honest though, the stuff that hooked me was everything except Daredevil himself - the plot elements with Fisk and Ray and FBI corruption were much more interesting than anyone's tragic backstory.
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Not being a comics guy I didn't realise Dex was being set up to be Bullseye although it was obvious he did have a "perfect aim" superpower. That actually worked really well as a foil to Daredevil's melee combat abilities. I assume his spinal-reconstruction is going to further enhance him somehow (I wonder if it's being funded by Fisk?).
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i hope they do get a season 4 out somewhere, this one ended on a high note that i wanna see continued. i'm just mad that i might have to possibly get on Disney's platform just for all these shows i've been watching somewhere else. like i already have to go around DC's streaming thing for Titans. watching tv is getting to be a lot of effort.
posted by numaner at 10:26 AM on November 30, 2018

I'm really surprised they canceled this one. It's their flagship, and while Iron Fist was a total turd and Luke Cage bored me greatly, this one was still pretty good.

I figure everyone working on Jessica Jones and the Punisher are planning a one and done now.
posted by jenfullmoon at 5:34 PM on November 30, 2018

The Real Reasons Netflix Is Cancelling Their Marvel Shows.

The tl;dr is yeah, partly because Disney is reeling in all its IP in prep for launching their own streaming service, but also apparently because Netflix's own viewer data indicates that Marvel show viewers are also likely to watch other Netflix originals. IOW, they don't think they'll lose many people if there aren't more Marvel shows. So no need to spend the $$$ on Marvel/Disney owned characters.
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We just finished this last night (in preparation for the Punisher) and it was *so good*, I am sad that it was canceled.
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Ok I'm actually glad that Ray's death was a whole scene and not super sudden.

Special Agent Nadeem.
Mr. Fisk.

The character arc from corrupt cop to legit hero, and The Kingpin helplessly follows it. What's more, he has to brutally put an end to his own "super" to save the love of his life from their mutual mistakes...

Also, Foggy! OMG! Foggy! He has a family he loves, and his family loves Matt! Sorry, but Tough Nun Mom and Gambler Priest Dad were terrible role models, and they never denied it. Matt has a new family now. It involves the Nelsons and a Gen-X sarcastic slacker beardo and someone he should have told he loved her much earlier. Except he was raised by a gambler priest and a god-bothering nun. He kinda has issues.

He wants to save Vanessa, and eagerly teams up with Wilson who suddenly realizes he needs to pick his enemies and allies VERY CAREFULLY. The Daredevil is a constant frustration, but the Daredevil doesn't want to kill anyone or hurt people who are not hurting other people. Even the Daredevil's worst enemies.

The Kingpin then wrecks house. So. Good.
posted by Slap*Happy at 7:23 AM on February 11, 2019

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