Daredevil: Resurrection
October 19, 2018 6:36 PM - Season 3, Episode 1 - Subscribe

Shattered physically and spiritually, Matt rethinks his purpose and place in Hell's Kitchen. Meanwhile, Fisk puts a plan in motion from behind bars.

Den of Geek Episode 1 Review (Warning - autoplay video in article)

AV Club - Daredevil’s stripped-down third season premiere tackles cataclysms and catechisms

*Picking up from the Defenders finale, wounded Matt asks for Father Lantom, and is taken to St. Agnes' Orphanage, to Sister Maggie's disapproval. Matt is deaf in his right ear, making him truly blind.

*Karen checks on Matt's apartment, and has a flashback to her conversation there with Matt after she knew he was Daredevil. Foggy arrives, under the impression they were going to pack up Matt's stuff, but Karen admits she's been paying the rent in Matt's absence in the belief that he will return. Foggy tells her she has to face the truth that Matt must have been killed in the building collapse, but agrees to go 50/50 with her on one more month's rent.

*Father Lantom and Sister Maggie move a somewhat-recovered Matt down to the laundry room, and Matt talks to Maggie about the story of Job.

*In prison, Fisk receives a visit from his lawyers(?), who assure him that his appeal is proceeding, but that there are issues with Mariana's ability to return to the U.S. - the government has decided to charge her as an accessory, so, she would be arrested if she returned.

*Matt tries to walk around without his cane, but stumbles badly without his echolocation skills. Maggie finds him and talks about self-pity. Later, Matt uses a neti pot and snorts out scads of bloody mucus, finds his hearing suddenly restored, and embarks on a training montage. Sister Maggie and Father Lantom arrange a sparring match for him, which he ultimately loses as his hearing goes on the fritz after too many blows.

*Later, Matt suits up season-one black style, and perches on the church rooftop listening for crime. He interrupts the robbery of a dry-cleaner's truck, and saves the victims, but is beaten down by the two robbers. When they decide to leave him for dead, he hands one of them a pipe and tells them to kill him, but they flee at the sound of the approaching police car, and Matt leaves as well.

*FBI Agent Ray Nadeem has gone into serious debt helping to pay for his sister-in-law's cancer treatments. When he approaches his boss about getting a raise, she tells him his low FICO score has put him out of consideration for promotion, as he poses a security risk. She assigns him the usually-fruitless monthly visit to Fisk to request his cooperation with other investigations. But at the prison, Fisk tells Ray that he will do anything for the woman he loves, and is ready to make a deal.
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I was going to try to knock at least a couple of episodes out tonight, but I'm super-sleepy already, thanks to my cat deciding she needed to wake me up for snuggles at 4am two days in a row, so, I think I'll wait until morning to continue my binge-post-athon.

I thought this was a decent start, fingers crossed for a good season. (I haven't read any of the general season reviews yet or watched any previews, and have a vague awareness of the plot of the 'Born Again' comics.)
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I'd previously thought of D'Onofrio's Fisk as this unique presence, but it suddenly hit me this season that he's really this very Hemingway or Welles classic larger than life figure, the way he comes across as like this child's version of the old Great Man chestnut, so mannered and stoic but with a child's frustration brewing underneath. And it's interesting to watch him this season through that lens, it makes some of what seemed kind of stilted before seem a lot more true to a real character.
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I haven't had a chance to watch this yet, but I have a feeling it's drowning in super hero angst. It feels like Marvel only takes a break from origin stories to drag us through angst on factor 10 of the Evangelion scale.
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I binged a couple more episodes and there seems to be enough plot in this season for a solid half hour show. Great for seriously emoting actor chops, so much angst, and might be awards show bait.
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LOL, had not read Brocktoon's comment.

Get this super hero one of those quick healing shots from that other series, same town, quick uber to the other borough.
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Well, I couldn't stop and watched all 13 episodes in one binge.
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I have watched a few episodes. Pacing can be a bit slow, but the acting is so very good most of the time.

Lots of angst at the beginning but it gets better if that was bothering you.
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For those who have made it through the season - do you think it merits 13 individual episode threads? Or should one of you go ahead and post the full-season thread now, for everyone to get there at their own pace?
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(I mean, while I do get enjoyment out of going through a season at note-taking pace to post each thread, depending on the show, I should really get out and do some errands today, so the option of just zipping through and saving my thoughts to the finale is very tempting this morning.)
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Ok, I'm kinda bummed out to hear about the Luke Cage cancellation, I don't have it in me to devote the whole weekend to a binge-post-athon after all. I'm just going to get to the end post a full-season thread if nobody else has already.
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I started the new season yesterday and three episodes in I'm liking it. The complete absence of ninjas (or maybe we just can't see them?) so far is a welcome change.

I know that Catholicism has changed a lot since I was a kid and that Pope Francis has made some reforms, but I was still surprised to learn that priests can now assign "fight a blind man in the crypt beneath the cathedral" as a penance. I may have to start attending Mass.
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"Dammit Ray, you know I can't promote someone whose credit score makes them a bribery risk! Now go spend an hour or two having a private conversation with Wilson Fisk."
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man, this felt like a slog, but a slog I wanna get through to the rest of the episode. I'm chalking it up to my mood, though, so I'm gonna try and watch more of the season this coming week.

Yeah sending someone you literally just said is a bribe risk and therefore can't be promoted to interview Fisk is a really dumb move. But it's still on Ray to not be that guy. But drama's gonna drama.

I did enjoy Matt getting his ass beat, if only because he needs to get his head right before jumping back into things.

There's a show in here that's a cross between Suits and The Newsroom with Foggy and Karen and I would watch that.
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hello i am very late to this party but oh my god who set this cooking scene to the goldberg variations, i thought i had gone into a fugue state and turned on hannibal instead

the eggs are also people
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