My Brother, My Brother And Me: MBMBaM 430: Scare's Swamp Thing A-boo-t Scary
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This is our Halloween episode, I guess? Travis kind of forced our hand a little bit, and we didn't realize that we will, in fact, have another episode up before Halloween. Basically, this whole episode is an accident. Enjoy! Suggested talking points: An Extremely Spooky Intro, Haunted House Guidance, Ghost Cement, Bone Drone, A Very Sexual Spirit, Creamed Corn Surprise, Halloween Shave, Scare Training, Secret Hogwarts, Crunchy Skeleton
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I listened to this on my daily walk and had to restrain myself when I got back to my desk to actually work instead of creating a 'Tangible Item / Sexual Spirit' Haunted Doll Watch shirt logo.
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I work a midnight shift pretty much alone in a hospital lab so I listen to my podcasts on a speaker. Last night a phlebotomist walked into the blood bank just as Justin was going on about the sexual spirit. The only reaction I could think of was to say, "It's not a toy." He just shrugged and left.
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I completely lost my shit during the title bit runner. Goddamn I love this show.
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Scare's Swampthing A-boo-t Scary!
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Look all I'm gonna say by way of advice is, if you don't have your own dowsing rods (I know, most people do these days, but mine's in for repairs) you're gonna want to go ahead and spring for that pendulum.

There... there were some misunderstandings.
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