American Horror Story: Traitor
October 25, 2018 1:58 PM - Season 8, Episode 7 - Subscribe

Cordelia enlists a secret weapon in an attempt to divine the warlocks' plan, and Zoe has a startling revelation.
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Intriguingly, AHS Apocalypse just gets better the longer it keeps from going back to the, like, actual apocalypse. Maybe we'll never get there at all? There's only three episodes left, and I feel like we're still only getting to know the real characters (as opposed to whoever those people were from the first three episodes). Is Apocalypse going to continue to next season, I wonder? We still haven't explored the Collective at all...although I'm not sure anyone cares about the Collective. I don't. But I'm all about more episodes like this.
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I LOVED this episode but I am wondering how in the crap they are going to tie all this up so quickly. They often play fast and loose with the plots they set up so it's unclear.
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Myrtle vapes. Because of course she does.
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Guys.... guys... is this the first season that's managed to not run off the rails? Or maybe it started off the rails and found its way on? Don't get me wrong - it's ridiculous, but the plot seems.... coherent?
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Truly, we are living in the greatest AHS timeline, GGW.

I may be saying that just because we get to see Myrtle AND James March -- even if for just a few brief, shining moments -- in the same season. But you're right, it's pretty cohesive and we're almost to the finish line!
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I'm surely stating the obvious here, but: the male coven is the Republican party and Michael is Trump, right?
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