American Horror Story: Return to Murder House
October 18, 2018 7:07 PM - Season 8, Episode 6 - Subscribe

Madison and Behold move into Murder House to learn the truth about Michael Langdon.
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Overall, I liked this episode although it did leave some questions and felt a little squished. I love Jessica Lange so much.

I really like this season. I've been an avid fan, but they seriously almost lost me after Cult. This feels like they are returning to their roots and the reduction in the number of side plots goes a long way.
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I enjoyed this episode and getting an update on the denizens of Murder House, but I did not care for the bit where Tate's shitty deeds are 'absolved' because 'the evil in him left with Michael' or whatever Madison said to Violet. I mean, c'mon, long before Michael came along, Tate set his step-father on fire, murdered a dozen people at his school, and murdered people who moved into the house--not to mention the rape he perpetrated resulted in evil being incarnated into a human.

In spite of that criticism,, I very much look forward to the next episode. I am also wondering if Madison is somehow related to the Montgomerys and they will meet.
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This is basically AHS fanfic and I’m okay with that
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I loved loved loved this episode except for the previously mentioned retconning of Tate's responsibility for his actions. Murder House (the season) made it pretty plain, I thought, that Tate was to blame, not Murder House (the house). To some degree, the house does manipulate the residents, but they still have free will...and Tate's mass murder spree didn't take place at the house at all. I felt like Madison was channeling a thousand Tumblr accounts from 2011 that absolved Tate of all wrongdoing on account of being teh sex, or whatever they said then. Then again, this was Madison's judgment at work, and her spell on Violet, and really, Madison has fucking terrible judgment, so I can almost allow it.
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I would also like to say that this show ought to be canceled immediately and replaced with one about Madison and Behold investigating Sexy Hauntings.
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Is it weird to anyone else that no one seems to recognize people that they know from other lives?
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My evil plan to eventually retcon a season populated entirely of characters played by Sarah Paulson is coming along apace!

Man, I REALLY saw the Tate/Michael sun-in hair casting during this episode.

Only sad we didn't get a Young Moira cameo, but A+ callback to the crying masturbation scene. I wonder how many takes it took for them to film that scene without cracking up?
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My evil plan to eventually retcon a season populated entirely of characters played by Sarah Paulson is coming along apace!

ok i see your point but couldnt we maybe have a little bit of jessica lange and frances conroy sniping at each other in the sarah paulson season? it doesnt even really have to connect to the rest of the plot
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