Crazy Ex-Girlfriend: I'm On My Own Path
October 26, 2018 9:08 PM - Season 4, Episode 3 - Subscribe

As Rebecca contemplates her feelings about her career, Paula is forced to deal with a big client.
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loved the new jack swing "don't be a lawyer" jam. love how everyone on this shown has grown so much, now including josh. loved AJ and hope he makes a comeback at the coffee shop. loved the callback to the pilot, loved them reprising "the moment is me" during the wedding. love that rebecca is making and following her own path. loved this episode.
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Great episode. I really want the pretzel-store development to stick, because it represents some well-earned growth for Rebecca. And yeah, Heather giving Hector the wedding he wanted was very sweet (and hit home for me in particular, since my wife would've been happy to elope but went along with the ceremony for my sake).

Even more impressive, though: this season is killing it on music. "Don't Be a Lawyer" was great, but "Twisted Fate" is up there with "I Gave You A UTI" as an idea I can't believe anybody actually had, executed to perfection.
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I was a bit worried this season would elevate Rebecca's mental health issues, once again - given that I've seen the comparison to Breaking Bad a lot.

And I would have hated that. Because unlike Breaking Bad's protagonist, Rebecca deserves (so much) better and a "development into the opposite direction" (things not just getting worse constantly, but instead seeing her work through things and getting better) deserves way more than just one-and-a-half episodes (looking at you again, Breaking Bad).

So if all of this season is Rebecca on a mental upward spiral, I'm perfectly fine with if.
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Yeah, everything about “Don’t Be a Lawyer” was perfect. The choreography, the costumes, the music. And of course the message. (I work in the nonprofit/advocacy world and when I was a manager, I spent a lot of time gently encouraging recent grads to rethink their default next step of “go to law school” and now I can just send them this video!)

I also really dig how much Rebecca is being confronted with her privilege and the baggage that comes with it, but not in a mean-spirited way. It seems really genuine and earned. Also, funny. I liked the bit about how she wouldn’t date anyone who went to a public university (wtf Rebecca?) and also assumed this would be a universal standard. It’s very pointed and very funny.
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Don't Be a Lawyer was awesome, the dancing was fantastic. I love watching the dancers on this show, their commitment and energy is always put-of-this-world.

Nice to see Nia Vardalos! And welcome back Father Brah. I loved his response to Rebecca saying "the biggest fairy tale of all... The Bible."

And welcome back Beth! I wondered if she and Valencia were still together. Her reaction when Valencia said "Some people should legally not be allowed to get married" was great.
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This was a really well done episiode. H&H were very touching. I dunno if retail pretzel selling is any better than the law (both seem stressful but one has a lot less money) but uh, good for trying something else, I guess.
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Uhm, am I the only person to find Jim's song slightly ... problematic?
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Can you elaborate? I deal with many lawyers in my day job and follow a bunch more on Twitter, and all the sentiments in it were pretty familiar.
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Can you elaborate?

I agree, I dropped out of law school a few years ago, and it resonated with me. That much honesty could have saved me a year of trouble, but I'm glad I only put a year into it.
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Jim and Dr Noelle are the only recurring Black characters - unless you count the recurring few instances of Heathers dad?

Yes I know there are plenty of POC in the main cast.

This is Jim's first (and presumably only) solo song and it's in the style of New Jack Swing/90's R&b. At least it wasnt faux reggae.

So yeah I just expected more from this show, still this is the last season so I suppose they though fuckit - whatever. It just felt uncharacteristically lazy to me.
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“Don’t Be a Lawyer” seems to have found its target audience: actual lawyers. It’s already been covered on Legal Cheek and Above the Law and has sparked a delightful thread on r/law discussing whether being a patent attorney is more fun than dentistry and swapping horror stories about friends who set alarms to wake up every hour at night to check their emails."
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Jim and Dr Noelle are the only recurring Black characters - unless you count the recurring few instances of Heathers dad?

How are you counting Heather herself in this?
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A friends' joke: the singing pretzels? Cinnamon and Garfunkel
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Anyone else going through a first watch right now in memory of Adam Schlesinger?

Here we are at the fourth season and so far nobody's mentioned how hard Heather cribs from April Ludgate. The seemingly precipitous marriage that actually makes perfect sense is straight out of her playbook. And hey, no complaints from me! Give me all the Darias, Aprils, and Heathers!

Been waiting all series for the pretzel song.
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