Crazy Ex-Girlfriend: I Am Ashamed
October 20, 2018 12:20 AM - Season 4, Episode 2 - Subscribe

Rebecca convinces Paula, Heather and Valencia to participate in a séance after making a spooky discovery; Darryl takes his parenting duties to an extreme; Nathaniel is determined to prove to his father that he can run the law firm.
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Yay! White Josh is still consistently fantastic.
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OMG the Cringe song - how I love it.

Also more of Paula in a corset please.
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Also more of Paula in a corset please.

Paula agrees.
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the new theme song is *chef's kiss*
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This episode was a bit lightweight but that was nice after last week's exposition-fest. It was great to just spend some time with these characters. Loved Patton Oswalt in the Cringe song.
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Paula looked fabulous in her Hallowe'en costume and all of the girls looked great in their skeleton dress (as did Patton Oswald in his skeleton suit).

It seems a shame there was a controversy about the directing credits on this episode. (Sorry, you may have to scroll to the top of the thread to get the full story).
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I know it was lightweight, but boy did a lot of things happen! I can't wait to find out what havoc the not-so-silent partner wreaks on the firm.

And Rebecca's song...I have resembled that song in the past. The Cringe definitely encapsulated my personal low-grade everyday horror.

Of course Josh bought a baby koala costume for Hebecca. And I love how he described Hebbie: "the daughter of my ex-girldriend and her boss"...but I remember there being more to it than that...

I also liked how it ended with Rebecca, Heather, Valencia and Paula having a VERY EXTENDED version of a sitcom episode ending.
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Both songs were fantastic, and I feel personally represented and/or assaulted by each of them.

(Also, I realize there are only so many styles to parody but Rebecca hits a note in "Time To Seize The Day" that's exactly the first note of the first season opening theme and it kept throwing me off.)
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Oh, and I really liked how every time the new partner was in a scene or being talked about, they used notes from "Who's the New Guy?" - I think they even had someone say "who's the new guy?" at one point.
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