Antibirth (2016)
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Hard-drinking, pill-popping, bong-ripping Lou (Natasha Lyonne) and her best friend Sadie (Chloë Sevigny) spend their days adrift in a druggy haze. But one wild night out becomes a bad trip that never ends when Lou wakes up with symptoms of an unexplained, highly abnormal pregnancy. Who-or what-is growing inside her? As her due date approaches with alarming swiftness, the fear, paranoia, and conspiracy theories begin to pile up.
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Thank you for reminding me of this. I watched it while ago and it's pretty hilarious and gross and generally fun.
posted by miss-lapin at 3:53 AM on October 28, 2018

I'm glad to hear it's fun. That summary sounds terrifying.
posted by tofu_crouton at 5:44 AM on October 28, 2018

I wouldn't have thought there would be a movie that would try to stitch together the disparate vibes of Cronenbergian body horror, Rosemary's Baby, the short stories of Denis Johnson, and maybe even a little bit of Repo Man, but here we are. I was interested and entertained throughout, but I am unclear on how much of that was the oddball story/direction and how much of that was the considerable charisma of Natasha Lyonne.

But I was never bored.
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Misogynistic bullshit.
posted by DMelanogaster at 6:56 PM on March 2, 2019

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