Castlevania: "War Council"
October 30, 2018 2:14 PM - Season 2, Episode 1 - Subscribe

Episode One of Season Two picks up right where the Season One finale finished.

Starting with a flashback - that depicts Lisa's home in Lupu being raided while Dracula is away and the Bishop ordering her to be tried before an inquisition - the first episode of season two gives viewers more backstory on the genisis of the war between humanity and the Dark Forces summoned by Dracula.

The voice cast from season one all return, and Trevor Belmont's deadpan sense of humour remains.
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I was worried that the first season might have been a fluke, but based on the first episode of the second season this is still ridiculously intense for an animated series (and gory too).

Also Alucard is like the original template of a mopy emokid and I love the character.
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Do I need to have finished the first series to watch this season? I'm interested, but the first one kind of wore me out (although it was good) and I didn't finish it.
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I've only watched the first episode of sesason two, but I'm guessing that most of the flashbacks won't make sense unless you've watched all the episodes from the first season.
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One of the three protagonists for this season is introduced in the last episode of season one. I'd suggest you finish it out.
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They go by so fast; just watch 'em in order.
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Having watched the whole second season, there is a lot more dialog, scheming, and politics this season. All of which I enjoyed.

The banter between Trevor, Alucard, and Sypha makes the whole season worth watching on it's own.
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Okay, I'm back. I caught up on this last night instead of returns and I don't regret it. I'll probably watch the rest over the next couple of days as a respite from fresh bad news.

This really gives me the feel of a video game that I'm familiar with in a way that no adaptation I can think of has done. Adolescence happened and I never played Symphony of the Night or the later games, but I spent a lot of time playing Simon's Quest as a kid because I felt at home with the Horrible Night and the near-abandoned towns. This show really brought me back to that setting. And Warren Ellis's dialogue and story work is so high-quality that the fact that I seem to be watching anime gives me cognitive dissonance.

"Eat shit and die."
"Yes, fuck you."

Excuse me now, my ship has arrived in the harbor and I must go
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