Southbound (2015)
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The film contains five stories set on desolate stretches of a desert highway. Two men on the run from their past, a band on its way to a gig, a man struggling to get home, a brother in search of his long-lost sister and a family on vacation are forced to confront their worst fears and darkest secrets in these interwoven tales.
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I enjoyed this anthology. Not to mention cameo by Dana Gould!
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Watched this a couple of years ago, thought it was a cool concept for an anthology but even shortly after I watched it the only vignettes that I remembered were the one with the three women (and yay Dana Gould!), and the one that it led into with Mather Zickel and the injured woman in the abandoned hospital, both of which I liked a lot...I just looked at the wiki summary of the others, and apart from the floating black demons in the distance (which are badass) none of the other plots or details ring any bells for me...For me personally if they'd chucked everything else and somehow combined those two that stuck with me into a single feature-length story I might have loved it.
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The soundtrack is incredible. The segments are inconsistent in quality and I have hard time completely recommending it but I love the whole mood and aesthetic. A colder, meaner version of Lynch (though with less to say) with a contemporary American gothic vibe.
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Features segments by Roxanne Benjamin (who also contributed to XX, V/H/S/2, and V/H/S); David Bruckner (The Signal, The Ritual); Patrick Horvath; and Radio Silence.
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And Southbound makes 31. I made FF a scarier place for Halloween by adding 31 horror film posts, all marked with the #31horrorsforhalloween tag.

Other than a couple of the early Mike Flanagan ones, they're all streaming in the US, mostly on Netflix, with a little Hulu, and Amazon Prime.

Happy Halloween everybody!
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Congratulations mate, I've been following all your posts and really have appreciated them!
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Me too! Well done! I think I might try for 12 days of holiday horror films in December.

Someone needs to make a Hannukah horror movie.
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Someone needs to make a Hannukah horror movie

Hanukkah horror film wraps shooting.
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Thank you for your service, DirtyOldTown. I've been following your posts as well and commenting on a fair bit of them—our tastes in horror movies are aligned. Speaking of which, I celebrated Halloween by subscribing to Shudder and watching Terrified, and I highly recommend it!
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Just watched this one. Agreed that the quality varies but over all this was a real pleasure for an anthology. It really got good in the transition between Siren and The Accident (the strongest vignette of the four/five) and on through Jailbreak (David Yow was a ton of fun!). I loved the transitions, the gore, and the floating black monsters in the first one.

Strong stuff.
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