The Adventure Zone: Live - Halloween Special!
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BOO! That's us jumping out and surprising you with an episode that is A) One day early and B) An exquisitely spooky live adventure! It's our Halloween Special, and boy howdy, is it a wild one. Thanks to the Paramount Theater in Seattle, and everyone who came out to see us!
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They got me! They got me good! I wasn't at all expecting an episode a day early!

I loved this so much. I love that Dracula is now their friend.
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This episode was so spooktacular and great! I think the boys trying to give Griffin an escape hatch from a voice, but having him refuse it, is my favorite Adventure Zone recurring bit.
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Wait. Wait. Waitwaitwait wait... I just realized I need an important bit of clarification:

Were Magnus dressed up as Taako, Taako dressed up as Captain Ron, and Merle dressed up as a footstool for the entire episode?
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Yes, for sure.
Griffin describes Merle scuttling out the way of an attack like a footstool near the end of the podcast.
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1. Magnus apparently ALWAYS dresses as Taako for Halloween.
2. They managed to get out of this without intentionally killing anybody (though the Frankensteins are shit out of luck.)
3. The "Two Guards" puzzle with Zone of Truth active was one of the funniest things I've heard in a while. "Oh, that'll kill you. I'm the guard who lies."
4. All of them testing running headlong into the ghost-dancers.
5. The "Be Our Guest" scene.
6. MAGNUS: You're a vampyr
DRACULA: But how did you know?!
MAGNUS: Context clues, mostly
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(Basically one way in which Travis is The Mostâ„¢ Clint's son, is that whenever either of them deliver a laugh-out-loud funny line, it's all the sweeter coming from them.)
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"Not the womb broom!"
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I particularly enjoyed the sort of panicked note in Griffin's voice as he delivered that correction.
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My important documents!
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I finally got around to this one, as I don't usually dig the live episodes (So much yelling and rushing), but Griffin's intro was right - this is one of the better ones. I love Justin's caveat at the beginning that Taako is going to need some convincing to attack Dragoolyah, and Travis finds exactly the right approach by explaining that business vampyrs have to go to a lot of meetings.
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