The Romanoffs: The Violet Hour
November 4, 2018 10:04 PM - Season 1, Episode 1 - Subscribe

Set in Paris, an ancestral home holds the key to a family's future.
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It was interesting but a little long.

Are people really this ignorant about Muslims not eat pork or drinking alcohol?

Why does it matter that his mother is LDS?
posted by k8t at 10:05 PM on November 4, 2018

"People" might not be, but tbh people who consider themselves to be royalty might be so unconcerned with the ways others live that they are that ignorant.

A Mormon marrying into the Romanoff family would be of note, I would think - it's so American! Also apparently Aaron Eckhart himself is former LDS.

On another note, if you didn't like this episode, keep going. The episodes are pretty different from one another.
posted by wellred at 5:19 AM on November 5, 2018

I really liked this until the final 10 minutes. As awful as she was, I ended up really liking Anushka. Her relationship with Hajar made her sympathetic. The actress playing Hajar really was exceptionally beautiful. And the apartment was certainly worth killing someone over.

I've only seen two episodes of this so far, but there's a lot of emphasis on the lineage and continuing the line.
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As someone who avoids spoilers like the plague, I was surprised when I got to the end of this. My SO and I turned to each other and said, “that seems like it’s pretty wrapped up, right? Where could episode two go?” We had no idea that this was an anthology series.

We thought the episode was okay, and then episode two was okay, and episode three was also just okay. I thought we had quit the show but apparently episode four stars Diane Lane, so we will watch it for her. UPDATE: Just as I was typing this my SO texted to say she watched the Diane Lane episode without me and it was great. I guess we’ll be giving it more of a shot!
posted by ejs at 8:36 PM on November 5, 2018

I watched two episodes and thought they were both great. I also had no idea it was an anthology, each episode is about a different couple and their relationship woes, until I watched the second one.
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I kind of didn't want to like it - as I was watching it, I thought it was all going to go like I 'expected ' it to, and in fact at one point towards the last ten minutes, fearing the plot was going to take a predictable turn (the plot twist earlier was kind of obliquely revealed, I thought) I left the room, when I got back my partner told me what had happened and I was very surprised! And at the ending generally. Which I find very satisfying. I've been thinking about it off and on all day. They did a good thing there.

Also, I like Paris and I thought it was a pretty good depiction of the Paris I like to pretend to myself exists. Eckhardt spoke great English-speaker-fluent-in-french-'cause- he-lives-there french.

We both decided to watch the next 'episode.'
posted by From Bklyn at 5:35 AM on November 15, 2018

I just finished the first episode earlier today. (And epIsode 2 just now, but that’s for another post) I have to say, I’m in love with the episode and the show generally.

The episode itself is sorta a slow burn. Interesting enough to keep me watching, but that’s all it seemed. Until we get to the end/reveal, where it subverted my expectations. And the tension it built the whole while was released in a burst. I yelped and had to go walk around, pondering the story and how it turned out.

I don’t even know that it was the story itself that was the twist, but rather the build up of expectations, and then the emotional release. Whatever it was, I have to hand it to Matthew Weiner, I didn’t really recognize I was as engaged in the story as I was (on “paper” it could be rather dull and predictable), but I was sucked in to EVERYTHING. It worked. The sweet girl wasn’t so naive. It shouldn’t have been happily ever after, and yet it was and it felt surprising and good and beautiful.
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I was rooting for Hajar to say no to that handsome old man and she didn't and dammit of course she became pregnant. But Anushka got what she wanted... The line to continue.

Sophie was such a money grabber and went straight to the egg.

Greg's French was poor according to my ancient high school French. He introduces himself by saying "je suis Greg" when i learned it as "je m'appelle Greg" ("I call myself Greg" instead of "I am Greg"). But I missed most of the rest of the French other than greetings, so ... *shrug*
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And now I'm thinking about all the sign posts for what was going to happen. Sophie saying how she hates kids and they are so inconvenient. Greg charming the friends' children. Anushka talking about Sophie's womb being full of cobwebs...

It feels a little heavy handed on the anti-child-free-women trope. "See, men just really do want conservatively dressed yet smart yet caretaking women who can give them babies."

But, dang, would I ever love to spend a week in that apartment exploring.

I found the bald faced racism of Anushka hard, but cringed so much when Greg asked Hajar where her people were from. Such cringe. I have made those kind of ignorant racist American remarks myself unfortunately, and ugh, Hajar is just too fucking kind for his dumb OLD ass.
posted by jillithd at 1:06 PM on February 3, 2019

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