Babylon 5: Ceremonies of Light and Dark
November 10, 2018 6:09 AM - Season 3, Episode 11 - Subscribe

Given the massive changes on B5, Delenn attempts to repeat the ceremony seen in "The Parliament of Dreams" to help people transition. Garibaldi attempts to purge B5 of hidden Nightwatch agents. Londo moves against Refa, taking inspiration from the Old Empire. "From the stars we came... To the stars we return, from now until the end of time. We therefore commit these bodies to the deep."

-A funeral is held for those who died in the last episode. Sheridan wears full dress.
-Lennier and Delenn talk about how prophecy is treacherous, as they only make sense when looked at after the fact.
-They eventually decide to perform the Rebirth Ceremony, from "Parliament of Dreams", to mark the great change. Marcus doesn't want to attend as he feels he has nothing to give up anymore (Delenn counters that he needs to give up his guilt about the destruction of Arisa Colony). G'Kar is too busy organizing the Narn resistance and new Narn security staff. Londo is uninterested in a solemn, non-alcoholic ceremony and annoyed by people prying into his business.
-Garibaldi believes there are many hidden Nightwatch agents on B5, after all the 'open' NW agents were shipped out on shuttles. Sheridan, against Garibaldi's advice, makes the rounds of the station and sure enough, someone is looking at him through a scope... The shooter is stopped by a compatriot who worries that killing Sheridan now will only make him a martyr and strengthen his cause.
-Marcus accompanies Delenn to meet a commander of her fleet for a tour of B5. He stalks off, annoyed by their conversation about Arisa (above), which is when Nightwatch strikes and captures Delenn and her commander both. They are holding them, in exchange for complete control of B5, with a 6 hour deadline. The kidnappers are also monitoring all official frequencies, so security can't organize a strike.
-Marcus feels extremely guilty about stalking off and goes to organize a counteroffensive in Downbelow, starting (and winning) a massive bar fight with extreme and unrelenting violence. Lennier arrives, noting that Marcus' fight was tactically useless (everyone who knows anything is unconscious), but strategically good (Marcus needed to get some aggression out). Lennier then tells Marcus a secret as part of the Rebirth ceremony: Lennier loves Delenn, but knows that she belongs with another. Someone from the brawl wakes up, and Marcus starts getting information.
-A brief brawl gets Delenn's commander injured during one of their plans to leave. Turns out one of the kidnappers speaks Minbari...
-With some BG noise and Marcus' info, command staff realize that the kidnappers are in a secured, single-entrance room in Gray 14. They can't go in guns blazing, so... they plan to surrender. The Minbari ships leave, Lead Kidnapper is thrilled, and then the nearby reactor starts leaving so they need to flee their secured room. They get trapped in a corner and the command staff gun down the important kidnappers. Delenn runs in front of a knife thrown at Sheridan, getting hit in the back (it hit a rib); Sheridan responds by freaking out and punching a kidnapper... a lot.
-Sheridan visits Delenn in Medbay, where she's recovering from the stabbing. Lennier briefed Sheridan on the ceremony, and he is offering up his Earthforce uniform as a sacrifice, and telling her a secret: he loves her.
-The rest of command staff offer up their uniforms, and a secret: Garibaldi fears losing control. Ivanova loved Talia. Franklin thinks he might be a stim addict.
-Lennier notes that their sacrifices were anticipated and new, Minbari-made uniforms can be found in their quarters.
-Londo and Refa meet. Londo is furious that the Centauri republic now has *twelve* front lines in their wars, and believes Refa has poisoned the republic by allying himself to that extent with the untrustworthy Morden, and demands an end to the Centauri-Shadow alliance. Refa is unconcerned, and asks why. Londo provides three reasons: because Londo asked, because Refa should put the Centauri people first, and poison. Oh yeah: Londo has slipped Refa half of a poison. If Refa ever ingests the other half, he will die. Turns out, poison was popular in the Old Empire, and since Refa is clearly taking inspiration from the Empire, why shouldn't Londo?
-Garibaldi and the command staff reset all passwords on B5, so Earth can't suborn the station against them. Unfortunately, the rebooted computer (voiced by Harlan Ellison) has a nasty 'tude and drives Garibaldi insane.
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My actual favourite quote is "Because I have asked you. Because your loyalty to our people should be greater than your ambition. And because I have poisoned your drink." but I try not to spoil plot points in the pullquote...
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I haven't watched this show since it first aired, but as I read that quote, flibbertigibbet, I heard Londo's voice in my head, clear as day! One of the best lines.
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I heard Londo's voice in my head, clear as day!


So, I used to keep a sound file archive of Babylon 5, gleaned from the Down Below Sound Archive (which still appears to exist, which might eat up some of my afternoon) - this was before full episodes of anything were readily available, so little clips were the thing.

My saved files were categorized:
* Bloopers
* General
* Kosh
* Londo

I stand by this general breakdown of the series.
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One moment I very much appreciated in this series was after the bar fight, between Marcus and Lennier - Marcus grabs Lennier by the shoulder, only to have Lennier turn on him and snarl that he doesn't like to be touched and "that we may look like you, but we are not you." A nice touch, I thought, about the fact that while the Minbari we have come to know on the station may be working closely with the humans, there are still differences and possibly some anger about things.

I stand by this general breakdown of the series.

Needs at least some G'Kar. "They made a satisfying thump when they hit the floor!"
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I appreciate the Al Capone quote, modified for Duncan. “I find you get farther with kindness and a guncrowbar than you get with kindness alone.”
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