The Flash: All Doll'd Up
November 13, 2018 7:24 PM - Season 5, Episode 5 - Subscribe

Nora lets something slip about the future that devastates Iris. In an attempt to distract his wife, Barry asks Iris to team up to stop a new meta, Rag Doll. Meanwhile, Caitlin learns something about her father.
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I think I zoned out a little during part of the Cecille+Nora scene -- did they give the in-show explanation for where Joe is now that Jesse L. Martin is on medical leave for his back injury?
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> oh yeah!:
"I think I zoned out a little during part of the Cecille+Nora scene -- did they give the in-show explanation for where Joe is now that Jesse L. Martin is on medical leave for his back injury?"

Not that I noticed.

Must say the costume designers and cinematographic/directorial staff did a BRILLIANT job, along with the weirdly talented actor, showcasing his abilities to make the CREEPIEST AF meta yet. Also loved the mentioned Ralph scene, and also enjoying Ralph's redemption by way of superherodom.
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uh yeah that was a super creepy villain. holy hell good thing i don't get nightmares about things like that. it's not clear to me though why he wanted these random people to suffer like he... is? did? that's not clear either. I guess when you have a sufficiently engrossing villain, his motives aren't too important.

That was a pretty good episode overall, I liked that it's pretty character focused and actually resolved Nora and Iris without dragging that drama out for another 3 episodes.

Ralph was pretty great! I liked that he and Shirley found their common headspace for detecting. But that "i saw this in the comics!" move with the swinging from building to building is something he's done before right?
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I cracked up so hard at the face Nora made after the furniture collapsed.
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Thawne got another mention in this episode. He's coming back, I tell you, and he's going to chew all the scenery when he gets here and it's going to be glorious ahahahahahaha.
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Bonus scene that should've gone at the end of the episode after The Flash closing logo and before the final lightning-out but was cut for time.
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Joe was just mentioned as being "out." It did seem weird to have Cecile recite all the childhood memories, but what else can you do.

I wasn't into this episode much, creepy doll head guy made me want to look away every time he turned up.
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I think Barry really needed a good shave in this episode. The shadow above his upper lip was so dark. Maybe they were getting ready to film the crossover so Grant was already growing out his facial hair. I have no idea, but it was kind of a distracting look given that the character is usually clean shaven.

The timing of Ralph slinging from building to building seemed like a perfect tribute to Stan Lee's passing this week. I know it wasn't planned that way, but sometimes coincidences happen.

As much as I love Cecile, that scene with Nora needed to be with Joe for it to make any kind of real sense. I guess by not mentioning the actor's back problems, they aren't writing themselves into a corner about when he's going to be back on the set.

I'm not really liking the latest version of Wells.

And no, they didn't really give creepy clown any clear cut motivation as to why he picked the targets he did. Jewellery theft? Fine, that fits with his record of B&E. Blowing up a building doesn't, especially when they don't indicate why it was that architect that was targeted. (Seriously, was there not a single additional person, for example, like a janitorial staff member or security guard in the building when it came down? Shouldn't have Barry looked for other potential victims?) Oh and there was the second mention of Gotham this week (after the one in Arrow). I guess they've got to build up excitement for the crossover somehow.
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French Canadian wells at one point says that "liquid nitrogen is a powerful accelerant"? What? Liquid nitrogen is not flammable or explosive and would snuff out any fire. It can cause oxygen to condense out of the air which IS flammable, but it's still not a "powerful accelerant". Bugs me when writers can't do a quick google. They could have just said it was liquid oxygen.
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Sherloque Wells isn’t exactly a reliable source of information though...
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Bonus scene that should've gone at the end of the episode

there was a short linger of the logo that usually precedes a bonus scene, and i was surprised the credits popped up.

So we'll see Mardon aka Weather Wizard again... I was wondering about him
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and because I know some of you are wondering just like I was: Mark Mardon was freed from prison by Hartley Rathaway aka Pied Piper in the original timeline, and eventually escaped. When Barry went back in time to ask Eobard Thawn as Harrison Wells for help to stop Zoom, he also changed Hartley's mind about working with team Flash, so Hartley became a good person and never broke Mardon and others out of prison.
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Though I don't know what his motivation was, or how he zeroed in on Barry and Iris, Rag Doll was pretty creepy and I'm glad we'll apparently see him again.
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Rag Doll: I've seen that guy before (he was on an episode of "Outrageous Acts of Science" demonstrating his hypermobility) - all of the body twisting and weird movement is actually him, not CGI (squishing his fingers to open the jewelry box or squeezing through the air vent, that's another story). He's CREEPY ENOUGH BY HIMSELF, CW; we did NOT need the SUPER EFFING CREEPY bone cracking SFX, thanks.

I wasn't actually sure if French-Canadian Wells was saying "Liquid nitrogen" or "Liquid...mmm... hydrogen". I was gonna give him the benefit of the doubt and assume my hearing was bad but, yeah, LN is NOT an accelerant.
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Whoever wants to post the thread for the latest episode please go ahead, my home Internet is out and making threads on my phone is a pain.
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