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The adventures of scientist Barry Allen who is a superhero with incredible speed.


The Flash: Don't Run  Season 4, Episode 9

With Caitlin and Barry abducted by different villains, Iris must choose who to save. [more inside]
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The Flash: Crisis on Earth-X, Part 3  Season 4, Episode 8

Barry and Iris' wedding brings the gang together, but things go awry when villains from Earth-X attack the ceremony. [more inside]
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The Flash: Therefore I Am  Season 4, Episode 7

Barry comes face to face with DeVoe; and Devoe's past is revealed through flashbacks. [more inside]
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The Flash: When Harry Met Harry...  Season 4, Episode 6

Barry turns to a surprising ally for help when collectors of Native American artifacts are attacked by a meta who can bring inanimate objects to life. Harry enlists Cisco's help to summon the ultimate think tank to crack the identity of the Thinker. [more inside]
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The Flash: Girls Night Out  Season 4, Episode 5

Caitlin receives an ominous threat from her old boss, Amunet, and fears her past time as Killer Frost may be back to haunt her. Meanwhile, Felicity comes to Central City to help the girls celebrate Iris' bachelorette party; and Cisco, Joe and the guys take Barry out for a night on the town. [more inside]
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The Flash: Elongated Journey Into Night  Season 4, Episode 4

Cisco is shocked when Gypsy's father, Breacher, shows up on Earth-1. Breacher takes an immediate disliking to Cisco and decides to hunt him. Meanwhile, Barry runs into his old nemesis Ralph Dibny. [more inside]
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The Flash: Luck Be A Lady  Season 4, Episode 3

Barry and the team are hit by a string of bad luck and realize it is the handiwork of a new meta nicknamed Hazard, who has the ability to give others bad luck while cashing in the benefits for herself. Meanwhile, Harry Wells returns to Earth-1 to give Wally a message from Jesse. [more inside]
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The Flash: Mixed Signals  Season 4, Episode 2

Barry takes on a dangerous meta who can control technology and confronts and obstacle in his personal life: the ramifications of abandoning Iris for six months to balance the Speed Force. Meanwhile, Gypsy prepares for a hot date with Cisco, but she gets annoyed when his work keeps them apart. [more inside]
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The Flash: The Flash Reborn  Season 4, Episode 1

Season 4 begins with a powerful armored villain threatening to level Central City if the Flash doesn't appear, so Cisco makes a risky decision to break Barry out of the speed force. But the Barry that comes out isn't the same Barry that went in. [more inside]
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The Flash: Finish Line  Season 3, Episode 23

With nothing left to lose, Barry takes on Savitar in an epic conclusion to season three. [more inside]
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The Flash: Infantino Street  Season 3, Episode 22

With only 24 hours left until Savitar murders Iris, Barry struggles to save the woman he loves and makes the choice to use any means necessary to do so. Realizing he has one option left to save her, The Flash turns to Captain Cold for help. [more inside]
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The Flash: Cause and Effect  Season 3, Episode 21

Barry takes drastic measures to stop Savitar. Meanwhile, H.R. continues to push Tracy Brand to design the trap for Savitar; and Killer Frost returns with an interesting proposal. [more inside]
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The Flash: I Know Who You Are  Season 3, Episode 20

Barry and the team meet Tracy Brand, a scientist who may be the key to stopping Savitar. Unfortunately, Killer Frost is also after Tracy, so Team Flash must battle their old friend, which proves to be particularly difficult for Cisco. Meanwhile, Joe and Cecile's relationship takes a big turn. Also Savitar is revealed to be.... [more inside]
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The Flash: The Once and Future Flash  Season 3, Episode 19

Barry travels to 2024 to find out Savitar's still unknown identity in the hopes of saving Iris, and encounters future versions of his Team Flash friends who, following the death of Iris, have become very different people. (Directed by Tom Cavanagh) [more inside]
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The Flash: Abra Kadabra  Season 3, Episode 18

The Flash battles Abra Kadabra, a villain from Earth-19, who offers to reveal Savitar's true identity. [more inside]
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The Flash: Duet  Season 3, Episode 17

Barry and his team are surprised when Mon-El and Hank Henshaw arrive on their Earth carrying a comatose Supergirl who was whammied by the Music Meister... [more inside]
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The Flash: Into the Speed Force  Season 3, Episode 16

Barry, desperate to stop Savitar and save his friends, turns to the speed force for answers. Meanwhile, H.R. gives Jesse some advice. [more inside]
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The Flash: The Wrath of Savitar  Season 3, Episode 15

Wally has visions of Savitar while training with Barry, but he hides them from the team. Meanwhile, a dangerous secret threatens Barry and Iris' happiness. [more inside]
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The Flash: Attack on Central City  Season 3, Episode 14

Grodd and his army of gorillas bring the battle to Earth-1, but the Flash and his team try to stop them before they destroy Central City... [more inside]
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The Flash: Attack on Gorilla City  Season 3, Episode 13

Barry and his team travel to Earth-2 to rescue Harry from Gorilla City, but are captured and brought to Grodd, who tells them he needs their help to stop Solovar, the leader of Gorilla City, from invading Earth-1. [more inside]
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The Flash: Untouchable  Season 3, Episode 12

Barry and the team at S.T.A.R. Labs work together to bring down Clive Yorkin, a criminal meta-human who is methodically killing people by causing them to decompose at an accelerated rate... [more inside]
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The Flash: Dead or Alive  Season 3, Episode 11

H.R.'s past catches up with him when a bounty hunter with vibe powers named Gypsy arrives in Central City to bring him back to Earth-19 to stand trial for his crime... [more inside]
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The Flash: Borrowing Problems From the Future  Season 3, Episode 10

Barry is tormented by his vision of the future where Iris is murdered by Savitar... [more inside]
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The Flash: The Present  Season 3, Episode 9

Barry goes to Earth-3 to get advice from Jay Garrick on how to stop Savitar. Meanwhile, old wounds are reopened when Cisco faces his first Christmas without his older brother Dante. [more inside]
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The Flash: Invasion!  Season 3, Episode 8

The crossover event continues with aliens attacking Central City and Barry asking the Green Arrow for help to stop them. But they soon realize the battle is bigger than they thought, so they track down the Legends of Tomorrow and Supergirl to help. Once all of the super friends are assembled, they come up with a plan to attack but a shocking secret related to Flashpoint is revealed and suddenly no one is sure who they can trust. [more inside]
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The Flash: Killer Frost  Season 3, Episode 7

Caitlin uses her powers to save Barry but, as her mother predicted, the effort unleashes her inner Killer Frost, who then goes on a rampage looking for Dr. Alchemy, kidnapping Julian and battling the Flash and Vibe. [more inside]
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The Flash: Shade  Season 3, Episode 6

When Wally starts having dreams about being Kid Flash, Barry realizes he has to tell Wally, Iris, and Joe about what happened to Wally in Flashpoint in order to keep him safe. [more inside]
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The Flash: Monsters  Season 3, Episode 5

Barry battles a monster. Caitlin visits her mom. HR tries to help. Julian takes the initiative. [more inside]
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The Flash: The New Rogues  Season 3, Episode 4

Two fan-favourites return, a new speedster is formally introduced and one of Barry's main rogues finally shows up. [more inside]
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The Flash: Magenta  Season 3, Episode 3

Harrison Wells and Jesse Quick return to Earth-1 S.T.A.R. Labs. Jesse has become a speedster and Harry an overprotective father. Alchemy has invaded the dreams of abused foster child Frankie Kane, who takes on a new, magnetic, personality known as Magenta and sends her foster father to the hospital. [more inside]
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The Flash: Paradox  Season 3, Episode 2

Barry tries to come to terms with the changes he caused by resetting the timeline. [more inside]
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The Flash: Flashpoint  Season 3, Episode 1

The Reverse-Flash taunts Kid Flash, and warns of repercussions if Barry continues to forget his old life; when disaster strikes, Barry must decide whether to live as Barry Allen or return to his universe as The Flash. [more inside]
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The Flash: The Race of His Life  Season 2, Episode 23

After Zoom reveals his true plan, Barry vows to do whatever it takes to stop him. [more inside]
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The Flash: Invincible  Season 2, Episode 22

Barry fights the new meta-human threat, knowing God is on his side! [more inside]
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The Flash: The Runaway Dinosaur  Season 2, Episode 21

With Barry gone, the team must figure out a way to handle the return of an old enemy – Girder. Realizing Girder is retracing his steps from his last attack, Iris volunteers to act as bait to trap him in S.T.A.R. Labs. [more inside]
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The Flash: Rupture  Season 2, Episode 20

Back on Earth-1, Zoom is intent on taking over Central City; Barry and Wells devise a dangerous plan to stop Zoom for good; Barry reaches out to both fathers for advice.
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The Flash: Back to Normal  Season 2, Episode 19

Running faster is presently off the table. [more inside]
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The Flash: Versus Zoom  Season 2, Episode 18

For once, running faster is not enough. [more inside]
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The Flash: Flash Back  Season 2, Episode 17

After discovering the true identity of Zoom, Barry is more determined than ever to stop him; to increase his speed, Barry goes back in time to look for help.
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The Flash: Trajectory  Season 2, Episode 16

Having arrived in town intent on creating maximum chaos, Trajectory’s antics are misinterpreted as having been perpetrated by the Flash himself. Barry thus must quickly uncover the mystery of who is the girl under the mask — as well as what is driving her mad desire for speed and destruction.
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The Flash: King Shark  Season 2, Episode 15

Still reeling from their visit to Earth 2, Team Flash must deal with an old foe: King Shark.
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The Flash: Escape from Earth-2  Season 2, Episode 14

On Earth-2, the team asks for help from an unexpected source to find Zoom's lair, while on Earth-1, Caitlin tries to perfect Velocity-9 so Jay can stop the Geomancer.
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The Flash: Welcome to Earth 2  Season 2, Episode 13

Barry, Wells, and Cisco travel to Earth-2 to rescue Jesse from Zoom. There they encounter Killer Frost and Deathstorm (who are Caitlin and Ronnie on Earth-1). Meanwhile, Jay takes Barry's responsibility of defending Central City from a meta-human called Geomancer.
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The Flash: Fast Lane  Season 2, Episode 12

Barry teams up with Wells to figure out a way to close the breaches, but they are distracted by a meta-human nicknamed Tar Pit who can transform into liquid asphalt. Iris is concerned for Wally's safety after she finds out about his drag racing hobby.
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The Flash: The Reverse-Flash Returns  Season 2, Episode 11

When Cisco gets a vibe of Eobard Thawne, Barry and the team don’t believe it. But, after an attack at Mercury Labs, Christina McGee confirms that the Reverse Flash is back. Meanwhile, Iris and Francine share a nice moment that brings Iris closer to her brother, Wally.
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The Flash: Potential Energy  Season 2, Episode 10

Team Flash is hot on the trail of a serial thief called the Turtle, with hopes that his powers could give them an advantage against Zoom. Barry's relationship with Patty reaches a turning point, and Joe and Iris try to bring Wally into their family. [more inside]
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The Flash: Running to Stand Still  Season 2, Episode 9

Weather Wizard returns to break Captain Cold and The Trickster out of Iron Heights, but Barry is determined to not let that happen. Meanwhile, Iris decides whether to tell Joe about his biological son. [more inside]
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The Flash: Legends of Today (Part 1)  Season 2, Episode 8

In the first episode of a two-part crossover that will conclude in the next episode of Arrow, Vandal Savage arrives in Central City and sets his sights on Kendra Saunders. [more inside]
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The Flash: Gorilla Warfare  Season 2, Episode 7

Grodd returns to Central City and kidnaps Caitlin. Barry and team race to find her before it’s too late. Meanwhile, Cisco plans his first date with the new barista at Jitters, Kendra Saunders and Patty begins to suspect Barry is hiding something from her.
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The Flash: Enter Zoom  Season 2, Episode 6

After recent events, Barry decides it’s time to confront Zoom and comes up with a dangerous plan.
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The Flash: The Darkness and the Light  Season 2, Episode 5

Barry learns a new breacher, Dr. Light, has come through the portal and sets off to capture her. Jay tells Barry that Dr. Light was not a threat on Earth-2 and that Barry can reason with her. However, during a fight with The Flash, she blinds him and drops some shocking news about Zoom. Meanwhile, Barry and Patty go out on a date.
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The Flash: The Fury of the Firestorm  Season 2, Episode 4

The S.T.A.R. Labs Team need to audition for a second Firestorm to merge with Dr. Stein before he dies/goes to another TV show. There are two possible candidates, whichever one shall he choose? (Hint: you can figure it out from the first scene.) In other news, Iris's mom is dying and Patty's looking for a shark man. [more inside]
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The Flash: Family of Rogues  Season 2, Episode 3

When Barry and the team find out Captain Cold has been kidnapped, they form an uneasy alliance with his sister, Lisa. However, Barry feels double-crossed when he finds out Snart is working with his father, Lewis Snart on a heist. Meanwhile, Joe is faced with a difficult decision.
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The Flash: The Flash of Two Worlds  Season 2, Episode 2

Team Flash investigates Jay Garrick's claim that villains from his parallel Earth are crossing the border between worlds, including a new threat who Jay calls the "Sand Demon." Joe has an applicant for his anti-metahuman task force, and there's a whole lot of DC Comics in-jokes. [more inside]
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The Flash: The Man Who Saved Central City  Season 2, Episode 1

Picking up months after the singularity threatened Central City, Barry is struggling to deal with the aftermath. [more inside]
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The Flash: Fast Enough  Season 1, Episode 23

Barry is given the chance to get everything he wanted, but the offer comes from Wells. Does he take it? [more inside]
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The Flash: Rogue Air  Season 1, Episode 22

Barry and his allies try to prepare for the Reverse Flash's endgame, but their only way forward may be through Captain Cold and his Rogues. [more inside]
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The Flash: Grodd Lives  Season 1, Episode 21

Barry must deal with Reverse Flash's latest threat to a member of the group. To make matters worse, Dr. Wells unleashes Grodd on the city to distract Barry and the team. Joe, Barry, and Cisco head down into the sewers to catch Grodd. Barry and Iris have a heart to heart talk. [more inside]
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The Flash: The Trap  Season 1, Episode 20

Barry, Caitlin, Cisco and Joe set a trap for Wells. Cisco uses himself as prey which puts him in grave danger. Meanwhile, Eddie makes a decision regarding Iris, which leaves Joe a bit unsettled.
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The Flash: Who Is Harrison Wells?  Season 1, Episode 19

Joe and Cisco head to Starling City to continue their investigation of Dr. Wells. While in town, the duo enlists the help of Captain Lance, and Cisco meets the Black Canary, who asks him for a favor. Meanwhile, back in Central City, Barry races to catch a meta-human named Hannibal Bates who can transform himself into every person he touches – which includes Eddie, Iris, Caitlin and even The Flash.
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