Crazy Ex-Girlfriend: I See You
November 16, 2018 10:01 PM - Season 4, Episode 6 - Subscribe

Rebecca gets more than she bargained for during a day out with Darryl. Josh lends a helping hand to Paula, while Heather encourages Nathaniel to be a nice person.
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I thought the pairings went together pretty well, especially Nathaniel and Heather. Therapy Josh is excellent.

No idea why the random mustache shaving had to happen at a truck stop, though.
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Apparently the tedious car conversations were improvised - Rachel posted footage of them on twitter: 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6
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After they set the pattern, I was really afraid they were going to have a Nathaniel/Heather kiss and was gleefully surprised at how they subverted that.
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I love Josh. So simple and easily positive.
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The Beach Boys number was a bit dumb from a lyrics point of view, but I liked the commentary on musical and career progression.
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Given how obsessive Rebecca is over every little thing in her life, I find it kind of odd that she never ever mentions Darryl's baby. I mean if she were looking to change the tone of the car ride, she could have easily asked something about how the baby is growing or changing, and that would have got Darryl going on overdrive about how much she has grown and how much she has changed, etc., and killed the emotional inquisition dead. I know that would have derailed the nature of the pairing this episode, so that's why it didn't happen, but I still wonder about how cool and nonchalant Rebecca is about donating some of her genetic material to help create another human being.
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I think the fact Rebecca didn’t ask proves that the baby is a sore spot for her. It reinforces that feeling that she’s developmentally behind her peers, that she can’t handle adult responsibilities, that she’s got no relationship. It’s the last conversation she wants to have, especially considering how gaga and weepy it would make Darryl.
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I loved the Beach Boys song switching it up TWICE in style and visuals! The barking! Heather & Nathaniel's dead-eyed percussion! The out-of-nowhere cheesecake-performing woman! The mini-parody of "Kokomo"!
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