Babylon Berlin: Season 2
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The wonderful German tv series about 20s Berlin is back. Things come to an apotheosis. Try it out: it's on Netflix in US, CA & AU. Average 9,5 score on Rotten Tomatoes
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Since I found some good tv series through fanfare, I want to give something back by pointing out this tv serie. It's really really good. Recommended.
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I'm in the US, and my netflix still only has season 1. So, if it takes a while for this post to fill out with comments, that might be the reason.
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Season 2 was available at the end of 2017 says Wikipedia (which is when I watched it on Netflix), and also says a third season will begin production in the Fall of 2018.
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if I understand correctly, what's listed as "season 1" on netflix in the states is all of season 1 and season 2. in any case, I've watched only what netflix has got and I've seen things alluded to as happening "at the end of the second season."

This series in other times would be unrelentingly grim. In our times it's fun punchy-shooty escapism. plus, despite the noir "train car full of gold" macguffin and some amount of playing fast-and-loose with certain details (especially with regard to the trotskyist subplot), it serves as a decent account of what was going down right before the last time global fascism started fashing all over the place. after each episode my partner and I frantically googled about whatever historical event or personage seemed most ahistorical in that episode; more often than not we'd discover that that event or person was one hundred percent real and maybe even weirder in real life than in the show.

This is a series I want to recommend to everyone I know but can't, mainly because most of my friends are pretty turned off by all the ultraviolence (hell, I'm turned off by all the ultraviolence too, but the show is good enough for me to look past that). So mostly I tell people to watch this scene, and ask them if they like it enough to offset the fact that you will see everyone you love brutally tortured and/or murdered. The answer for me was "yes," but your mileage very much may vary.

and also if they can deal with the unrelenting grimness of always knowing that even if things go well for some of the characters, literally everything will definitely go to shit for everyone exactly four years later.
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I loved this show! I loved the club scenes. I loved Charlotte Ritters outfits -- and as a knitter, her sweaters looked handmade and I want all the patterns. Seriously, I scoured the internet because I thought surely there were some other knitters out there who would have posted about the sweaters, but no. I'm hoping to find some time to skip through the episodes taking screen shots to share around.

I'm definitely looking forward to a third season, and I wish we could have a had a proper series of threads on the show because it would have helped a lot with keeping the characters straight.
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I definitely lost track of who people were and how they related to each other, too. It took me a while to remember who the wine stain birthmark guy was, and while I remembered that Rath had been given a bullet (and that specific flashback), I forgot who had fired the gun in the first place.

I felt like it was unraveling a bit at the end of the second season - the reveals being a bit too much without feeling earned. The buddy breathing/drowning scene especially seemed too ridiculous after the first minute or so.

Overall I liked it and will be watching the third season when it comes out. It's very well shot, and I love a lot of the little period details.

(also shortly after watching this, I realized it's the least queer thing I've ever seen set in the Weimar Republic).
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Finally got around to watching this. Rath is a pretty ho-hum character but I'm a HUGE Charlotte fan! So glad she got to properly join the force--she's real murder police, as they say.
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