Chapo Trap House: Episode 264 - The Golden Ones feat. Natalie Wynn aka ContraPoints
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Natalie Wynn a.k.a. ContraPoints stops by the Trap to discuss deprogramming incels, Swedish Muscle Nazis, small king Ben Shapiro, Jordan Peterson's messiah complex, and of course, the Immutable Law of Bone.
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It’s weird to hear Natalie laugh at something someone else says, since everything else I’ve seen . has been her own scripted constructions. This is lovely so far
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I think Natalie has been the #1 requested guest for ages now, and when Michael Brooks announced she would be on Maj or TMBS, I figured out Chapo would also have an ep sometime this month. And ooooh boy, this one gets in the Chapo 101 list. Dunking on these youtube "celebrities" well-funded by dark money and given credibility by credulous centrists is the perfect blend of Chapo and ContraPoints.

I think my favourite bit was when they mentioned that it's somewhat normal someone like daddy actually gets popular because... well, a lot of those poor fucks really do need a daddy to tell them even the most basic of things, but Shapiro just what exactly has going for him? Anytime I had the infortune on hearing him, he always comes up as an extremely whiny debate club dork who "wins" arguments by winding people off.
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I do have to push back a tiny bit on Natalie, even though I loved and widely shared her JP video. Men aren't the only ones having to adjust to new dating standards. Women are just as baffled by the somewhat ill-defined dating roles that are still to a large extent reflective of gender norms we're trying to expand. We just have all kinds of self-help culture to fall back on. There's never been a lack of instructional media out there to teach appropriate gender roles to women, but now you have to choose a paradigm to follow: are you living by The Rules, realizing He's Not That Into You, becoming an Ethical Slut or a Sugar Baby or focusing on Leaning In? I think women are just fed more cultural narratives that foreclose the same sense of entitlement.
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I also think women are more accustomed to failing at performing their gender within the bounds of expectations. So the feeling of being confused, of not knowing how to be a woman the right way, is something we are socialized to expect.
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Hilarious, though, that these YouTube Templars think the pinnacle of Western Civilization is like, Dragonlance novels. Of course they prefer to get their ideas about the glorious white past from faux-medieval pulp fiction than from actual history.
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Bojack Manman.
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I know a guy who's apparently widely known as an authority on the Dragonlance setting and identifies with it pretty strongly. He is also a devout Hindu and pretty big on social justice.
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