Kafka (1991)
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A 1991 movie by Steven Soderbergh: Kafka, an insurance worker gets embroiled in an underground group after a co-worker is murdered. The underground group is responsible for bombings all over town, attempting to thwart a secret organization that controls the major events in society. He eventually penetrates the secret organization and must confront them.
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The way I remember this film going:

Huh. Huh. Huh.




What the?


I'd quite like to see it again. I didn't expect it to turn into a James Bond movie in the middle.
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Ha! That's about how I remember it too, plus the bit where it switches from black/white to color when he goes through a cabinet labeled "O-Z".

I was 15 when an arthouse-movie-loving friend dragged me to see this in the theater and have mostly a vague memory of sensory overwhelm. A rewatch is probably in order.
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Oh man, I haven't thought about this movie in decades. I loved it when I was 16 and saw it multiple times (I must have rented it on VHS a bunch), but now I can barely remember anything about it. (This isn't a dig against it, my mind is a sieve, even for art I love.) I'll have to see if it's streaming anywhere.
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I love weird movies, so naturally this is an old favourite of mine
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I loved the Prague architecture, the cinematography redolent of 1930s german movies, of the Third Man, the images of the Austrian-Hungarian bureaucracy.
I saw a tribute to the movie Brazil as well.

For me Jeremy Irons remained too British, too posh to really be a neurasthenic middle European writer.
But all in all a really enjoyable movie.
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