Bob's Burgers: Roller? I hardly knew her!
November 26, 2018 2:15 PM - Season 9, Episode 8 - Subscribe

Gene is upset with his best friend ditching him for Courtney as a roller-dancing partner; Teddy, Linda and Bob discover someone stalking the restaurant.

Store Next Door

Pest Control Truck

Burger of the Day
The Frankie Goes to Hollandaise Burger
The Fifty Glaze to Eat Your Burger
The Throw Your Hands in the Heirloom Burger

The song Gene sings while he misses Alex is "Alone" by Heart
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oops, forgot this, I'm gonna start adding songs and end-credits stuff into the posts

End Credits Sequence
Courtney sings a song about needing someone to lift her while roller dancing with Gene and Alex.
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I loved it at the end when the kids said I felt like we won! And the judges said no totally disqualified. Made me laugh more than I expected.
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Alex: "I tried to run here to meet you but it turns out I run slower than I walk, which was, um, was a letdown, I'll be honest."

Gene: "My friend! That man took my friend!"
Louise: "Not really. It's not a kidnapping thing. Keep walking."

Alex: "I like-like every girl in our grade. And Strawberry Shortcake. I know she's not real, but my feelings for her are."

Gene: *sings* "How do I get you aloooone?"
Jocelyn: "What?"
this made me laughed pretty hard unexpectedly

Linda: "Ooh, is her car a ghost, too? Teddy, what do you think?"
Teddy: "Ghost car. Ghost car."

Gene: "I'm not sick, I'm just, I don't know."
Tina: "His BFF up and BF-left."

Tina: "I wouldn't mind seeing if there are any teens in jeans down there."
I like how Bob doesn't bother to admonish Tina for her sexual lusty statements anymore

Gene: "Damn right I am, sister. I'll do whatever it takes to get my buddy back, including making him diarrhea himself at a roller rink."
Louis: "It's really the only way to show someone you care."

Teddy: "Ok. I'm just gonna look at this spot right here on the counter. Wait, where'd it go? Shoot. No, I lost the spot! I lost the spot, Bobby! Don't let her in! Don't let her in!"

Bob: "So, uh, is this game fun?"
Louise: "Once you get to know all the ins and outs, and the players and the rules, it is not."

Linda: "I'm great at math. Four!"
Bob: "W-Why did you say four?"
Linda: "It's math. Seven!"
Bob: "You're saying numbers, but that's not necessarily math."
Linda: "Yeah, but one of them's gonna be right. 12."
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I love this show so much.
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Gene's power ballad was amazing.

And I can't wait for Courtney's dad to steal the wizard robot game and try to sell it.
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I want to play the wizard robot game now.
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Unusually for a made-up game for a throwaway gag, the wizard robot game seems like it could actually be played.
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next MeFite meetup!
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