The Bisexual: Season 1
November 28, 2018 1:31 PM - Season 1 (Full Season) - Subscribe

Leila (Desiree Akhavan) breaks up with her long-time girlfriend and business partner, Sadie, and comes bisexual.

This six, 30-minute episode British television series was written and directed by Desirree Akhavan (who also plays the main character, Leila). It was released on Hulu (USA--not sure about other countries) on November 16th.

The Guardian rates The Bisexual 2/5 stars, saying it is "a comedy-drama that is neither funny nor dramatic," while the Independent says it is "what British comedy needs to break through the stereotypes and move forward." The Hollywood Reporter aptly calls it "hit-or-miss" and Autostraddle declares "'The Bisexual' is here to make every queer a little uncomfortable."

Not a queer Iranian-American woman? Don't worry, you'll certainly be able to identify with Leila's cis-gendered, heterosexual, white male roommate.
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I miss Silk so seeing Maxine Peake again was a treat. This show is definitely hit-or-miss though.

Having an Iranian sperm donor for a white mother but making no provisions for connecting the potential child to its heritage? Gross. Hacking your ex's phone to get private medical details that are shared with others? Gross. Spitting gum into a black woman 's hair and never apologizing or even owning up to the act? So gross. Breaking into your ex's apt? Gross.

On the plus side, she didn't end up romantically with her roommate though I suppose in the end, they're together, albeit platonically, so maybe same diff?

Emotional whore or slut is a term I never wish to hear again. WTF was that tirade, even?

Sometimes I want my fictional characters to be better people than IRL people. I didnt hate this though.

Best lines that got to the core of the issue:
"I gave you my 20's. "
"And I gave you my 30's."
"You can't satisfy all my needs, no one can do that. "(Paraphrasing here.)

They could have made it work, maybe. They kinda just deserve each other.
posted by jojo and the benjamins at 9:55 PM on November 28, 2018

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