Vikings: The Revelation
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Ivar is crowned the new king of Kattegat just in time to welcome Rollo home; Bjorn, Lagertha and Ubbe must rely on unsteady alliances to survive.

* Kattegat

+ Ivar in his chariot, Hvitserk, Harald, their vikings and the Franks return
+ Ivar: "I am Ivar the Boneless, I am a son of Ragnar Lothbrook, all hail your new king!"

+ dinner celebrations in the main hall is rowdy, Ivar not satisfied until Lagertha's dead
+ Harald feeling guilty for killing his brother (Halfdan), sad his wife (Astrid) and unborn child is dead
+ a pretty girl catches Ivar's eye, Ivar has some fun with a goat

+ Rollo rolls up with some more Franks, greats King Ivar and King Harald
+ Rollo offers alliance, has no designs/ desires for Kattegat, wants mutual defense and lopsided trade terms

+ Rollo: "I'm not allowed to fight anymore. I'm <eyeroll> far too important."
+ Rollo takes some kind of medicine?
+ Harald feels really guilty, Rollo asks after Ubbe and Bjorn, Ivar continues his vendetta against Lagertha
+ Hvitserk tells Rollo that the "other side" still lives and evading capture
+ Rollo thinks he knows where they are and keeps it to himself

* Outside of Kattegat

+ Lagertha, Bjorn, Ubbe, Torvi, and Heahmund are hiding out at a homestead
+ Lagertha's gone full grey
+ Heahmund suggests heading to England, that he can work something out with Aethelwulf
+ Lagertha wants to stay, "I'm tired of fighting. But yet, lets do it. Lets go to England."

+ Rollo rides to the homestead with a lieutenant

+ Torvi waters a chained-in-a-pigsty Margrethe, who wants to see Ubbe
+ Ubbe is unimpressed with crazy Margrethe, suggests to Torvi that "something might happen to her"

+ Lagertha and Heahmund have a date walk and talk
+ Heahmund's supposed to be celibate, Lagertha deals with weird Christian hangups

+ Rollo arrives, isn't immediately attacked

+ Rollo has a talk with Lagertha, Rollo offers alliance, protection in Frankia
+ Rollo drops his "I'm Bjorn's dad" thing again, Lagertha's unimpressed
+ Rollo drops "No, I am your father." on Bjorn, Bjorn is unimpressed,"You are not important enough for me to care."

+ Rollo has a talk with Heahmund, Heahmund unimpressed with Rollo's Christianity
+ Rollo asks for a blessing, Heahmund gives him a perfunctory one

+ Bjorn advocates offing Rollo, works himself up
+ Ubbe and Lagertha stops Bjorn
+ Bjorn: "You are not worth the time it takes to clean the blood off my axe."
+ Lagertha refuses Rollo's offer

* Kattegat

+ Rollo cements his "safety school" choice of alliance in exchange for giving up Lagertha and her gang and a punitive yearly tribute
+ Ivar: "You ask an enormously high price."
+ Rollo: "For I am in a position to do so."

+ Rollo returns to Frankia
+ Ivar's battle band arrive at homestead, now abandoned
+ Ivar rages, finds Margrethe, brings her back to Kattegat

+ Hvitserk treats Margrethe with kindness, Harald suspects that it will all end in tears

+ Ivar's crush visits him, introduces herself as Freydis, puts her moves on him

* King Harald's settlement, night

+ Bjorn, Ubbe, Torvi, Lagertha, and gang infiltrate
+ steals a boat, heads to England

+ Lagertha feels out Heahmund, Heahmund is (probably) really in love with her
+ Bjorn Fathers

* Wessex

+ Alfred has grown, "This is my first Witan1 as your new king. I know it will not be easy to following in my fathers and grandfather's footsteps."
+ Alfred Kings, decrees that religion be done in English (as opposed to Latin) - to spark literacy (and numeracy)
+ Danish vikings threaten Winchester

+ Alfred has doubts, Judith offers counsel - brings up the "you need to have kids" talk

+ Aethelred's a decent battle commander and warrior, defends Winchester

+ Lagertha et al. run into an English blockade led by Aethelred
+ Heahmund makes introductions, Aethelred updates Heahmund on the current political climate

+ the vikings are brought to Wessex in a cage, Heahmund rides freely with Aethelred

* Iceland

+ Floki plays martyr to break cycle of revenge, calls for a vote
+ Eyvin's all for it, Aud declares a tie
+ Eyvin's son tiebreaks against sacrifice, "You are more important to us alive; father my family is now Thorunn and our unborn child."
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- Lagertha's hair; going full grey usually takes at least a year, usually preceded by darknening first
- but "platinum" hair colour is kind of poopular recently, especially with a bit of purple
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Hvitserk chose so very poorly when he picked sides
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My wife and I are slowly working our way through this season, having burned ourselves out binge-ing "The Last Kingdom".

Can I just say that a few episodes past this one I'm breaking out into belly laughs at how terrible an actor Jonathan Rhys Meyers is? And my wife is like "great, more scenes with the priest and the old lady."

This show does perk up anytime Floki has a vision though!
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