Vikings: The Revelation
December 1, 2018 5:38 PM - Season 5, Episode 11 - Subscribe

Ivar is crowned the new king of Kattegat just in time to welcome Rollo home; Bjorn, Lagertha and Ubbe must rely on unsteady alliances to survive.

* Kattegat

+ Ivar in his chariot, Hvitserk, Harald, their vikings and the Franks return
+ Ivar: "I am Ivar the Boneless, I am a son of Ragnar Lothbrook, all hail your new king!"

+ dinner celebrations in the main hall is rowdy, Ivar not satisfied until Lagertha's dead
+ Harald feeling guilty for killing his brother (Halfdan), sad his wife (Astrid) and unborn child is dead
+ a pretty girl catches Ivar's eye, Ivar has some fun with a goat

+ Rollo rolls up with some more Franks, greats King Ivar and King Harald
+ Rollo offers alliance, has no designs/ desires for Kattegat, wants mutual defense and lopsided trade terms

+ Rollo: "I'm not allowed to fight anymore. I'm <eyeroll> far too important."
+ Rollo takes some kind of medicine?
+ Harald feels really guilty, Rollo asks after Ubbe and Bjorn, Ivar continues his vendetta against Lagertha
+ Hvitserk tells Rollo that the "other side" still lives and evading capture
+ Rollo thinks he knows where they are and keeps it to himself

* Outside of Kattegat

+ Lagertha, Bjorn, Ubbe, Torvi, and Heahmund are hiding out at a homestead
+ Lagertha's gone full grey
+ Heahmund suggests heading to England, that he can work something out with Aethelwulf
+ Lagertha wants to stay, "I'm tired of fighting. But yet, lets do it. Lets go to England."

+ Rollo rides to the homestead with a lieutenant

+ Torvi waters a chained-in-a-pigsty Margrethe, who wants to see Ubbe
+ Ubbe is unimpressed with crazy Margrethe, suggests to Torvi that "something might happen to her"

+ Lagertha and Heahmund have a date walk and talk
+ Heahmund's supposed to be celibate, Lagertha deals with weird Christian hangups

+ Rollo arrives, isn't immediately attacked

+ Rollo has a talk with Lagertha, Rollo offers alliance, protection in Frankia
+ Rollo drops his "I'm Bjorn's dad" thing again, Lagertha's unimpressed
+ Rollo drops "No, I am your father." on Bjorn, Bjorn is unimpressed,"You are not important enough for me to care."

+ Rollo has a talk with Heahmund, Heahmund unimpressed with Rollo's Christianity
+ Rollo asks for a blessing, Heahmund gives him a perfunctory one

+ Bjorn advocates offing Rollo, works himself up
+ Ubbe and Lagertha stops Bjorn
+ Bjorn: "You are not worth the time it takes to clean the blood off my axe."
+ Lagertha refuses Rollo's offer

* Kattegat

+ Rollo cements his "safety school" choice of alliance in exchange for giving up Lagertha and her gang and a punitive yearly tribute
+ Ivar: "You ask an enormously high price."
+ Rollo: "For I am in a position to do so."

+ Rollo returns to Frankia
+ Ivar's battle band arrive at homestead, now abandoned
+ Ivar rages, finds Margrethe, brings her back to Kattegat

+ Hvitserk treats Margrethe with kindness, Harald suspects that it will all end in tears

+ Ivar's crush visits him, introduces herself as Freydis, puts her moves on him

* King Harald's settlement, night

+ Bjorn, Ubbe, Torvi, Lagertha, and gang infiltrate
+ steals a boat, heads to England

+ Lagertha feels out Heahmund, Heahmund is (probably) really in love with her
+ Bjorn Fathers

* Wessex

+ Alfred has grown, "This is my first Witan1 as your new king. I know it will not be easy to following in my fathers and grandfather's footsteps."
+ Alfred Kings, decrees that religion be done in English (as opposed to Latin) - to spark literacy (and numeracy)
+ Danish vikings threaten Winchester

+ Alfred has doubts, Judith offers counsel - brings up the "you need to have kids" talk

+ Aethelred's a decent battle commander and warrior, defends Winchester

+ Lagertha et al. run into an English blockade led by Aethelred
+ Heahmund makes introductions, Aethelred updates Heahmund on the current political climate

+ the vikings are brought to Wessex in a cage, Heahmund rides freely with Aethelred

* Iceland

+ Floki plays martyr to break cycle of revenge, calls for a vote
+ Eyvin's all for it, Aud declares a tie
+ Eyvin's son tiebreaks against sacrifice, "You are more important to us alive; father my family is now Thorunn and our unborn child."
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- Lagertha's hair; going full grey usually takes at least a year, usually preceded by darknening first
- but "platinum" hair colour is kind of poopular recently, especially with a bit of purple
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