2.0 (2018)
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The megabudget sequel to the 2010 Tamil-language smash Enthiran brings back Rajinikanth in the dual role of Dr. Vaseegaran, government super scientist and Chitti, his AI/robot creation. All of the cell phones in Chennai have flown into the sky and coalesced into a bird-like monster. Only Chitti, Dr. Vaseegaran, and the doctor's newest robot Nila can save the city.
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This was really fun. It was better constructed than the last one, less totally jarring, and--mericifully for my tastes--almost devoid of musical numbers. (There was just one, over the credits. It was a marvel, admittedly. Like Busby Berkeley does William Gibson on a fistful of Molly with Hype Williams directing.)

Kind of a bummer that Aishwarya Rai was reduced to a nagging voice on the phone. But the new robot character, Nila was pretty cool.
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The extended flashback sequence with Pakshi Rajan stopped the movie dead in its tracks for... gosh, I don't even know how long. Twenty minutes? I kept dozing off.
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