Happy Death Day (2017)
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This is a fun movie that nails an 80s horror comedy vibe but leaves out the sexism.
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I'm not a huge horror buff, so, I only recently happened to catch 'Happy Death Day' on cable. Since the sequel has a trailer out now, I figured the original deserved a thread.

This is a fun movie that nails an 80s horror comedy vibe but leaves out the sexism.

Yeah, like the Buzzfeed reviewer says, they give Tree all the traits that are typical to the first girl killed in a slasher pic but make her the Final Girl instead. Plus, I don't think you can ever go wrong with a Groundhog Day story, it's just such a great story engine.
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Yeah I have no regrets about having watched this.
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Yep. Good stuff. I liked it. 👍

Reminded me of the feeling of the recently discussed "The Babysitter" from Netflix. Which is weird since they are virtually nothing alike. I think it's simply both have quite charismatic female leads carrying them and both contain The Fun.

Oh, I liked how they put Tree on a timer of sorts as she accumulated chronic damage from the death/resurrections. That's an interesting way to get around the problem of there not really being any stakes if you can keep trying literally forever until you get it right.
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This was both clever and dumb, but kinda too dumb. The main character was too clueless-yet-angry, it felt like she didn't really figure anything out or do anything smart. And it felt like the movie spent a lot of time forgetting to be funny. It kind of just doesn't work.
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The sequel's out!
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This was great teen slasher movie!

Jessica Rothe is good, and actually had some material to work with.

The time loop conceit was reasonably very well executed.

There's some heart, good amount of laughs. Slightly disturbed by the "leap of faith" but that's on me.

The only thing that bugged me was where did she get a combat knife from? And the heeled boots isn't a great choice.

Though the detail of her pulling on flats moments before realization and confrontation absolves all ills.
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I'm going to have to retroactively put "teen" in quotes; Rothe was about 30 in this, with Broussard (Carter) in his early 20s.

The bitchy sorority head was in her mid 20s.
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