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Claire's medical expertise proves invaluable, but she begins to fear for her life when tragedy strikes her patients' household. Jamie and Young Ian travel to a nearby town to recruit settlers for Fraser's Ridge.
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I felt better about this one than last week - keeping Murtagh alive and bringing him back is a change I can get behind 100%. I was so excited when I recognized his voice in the blacksmith shop. It also makes perfect sense that he would be involved in the Regulators movement; I actually think the show is doing a better job of depicting the political situation in North Carolina at this time than Gabaldon does in the book.

Weirdly, I thought Sophie Skelton looked more like the Brianna in my head dressed in period clothing. Maybe she'll be better as olden days Brianna.
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Yes, I can forgive the show a lot for fleshing out Murtagh's character in previous seasons (I now cringe at some of Gabaldon's descriptions of him in the books), sparing him from Culloden, and bringing him back this season.
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At first, we were underwhelmed with Sophie Skelton's acting chops. She seemed to have been cast not because of how she matched the Brianna in the book or for her acting skills, but purely on the basis of how much she looks like she could be Caitriona Balfe and Sam Heughan's daughter. Either she's ramping up and doing better work or we've come around on her, though. Maybe some of both.

Also very glad to see Murtagh back.
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Either she's ramping up and doing better work or we've come around on her, though.

;-) She didn't actually do any acting this episode, though, did she?

However I agree with something something that I much prefer her in the period clothing and ESPECIALLY with the updo. I think I'll be okay with her.

Also wanted to say that I adore Young Ian. I know he's come in for some criticism around these parts, but I find him absolutely charming!

I had the feeling that Adawehi/Nayawenne died later, in the book. That she had time for a lot more interactions with Claire. Not that they would have depicted all of those, but some were significant... didn't Claire show her the opal or moonstone or whatever it was she had discovered along with the skull? In any case I'm very sorry to see Adawehi go.
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I think the idea of how Scots, who had opposed the Hanoverian regime in the '45 uprising - and then later found themselves caught in the build up to the American War of Independence would have reacted - is interesting. The enemy was basically the same in both conflicts. There would surely have been a number of such Scottish immigrants in North Carolina.

I have an ancestor who fell into a related camp: an officer, born in Scotland to a family who had supported the Jacobites - who fought on the side of the British in the Independence war. He wrote some letter back to his family which have survived -he predicted the British were going to be defeated from a very early stage in the conflict. Fighting a war in support of - basically tax collectors - was probably not too much fun.

(USE OF 'THANK YOU' IN NATIVE LANGUAGE BY FOREIGNER: I'm pretty sure this is an observation covered by TV Tropes - but I don't want to lose an hour down that rabbit hole finding out. In reality, learners of a foreign language pick up the word for "thank you" among their first words - and they use it a lot . But in TV shows, the opposite logic applies - so here we have our German man who speaks very halting English (at least at the start of the episode) - but sprinkles it with "Danke" - just to remind the audience he is a foreigner. )
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There would surely have been a number of such Scottish immigrants in North Carolina.

No need to hypothesize, it's pretty well documented.
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I liked the sequence showing Claire's day while Jamie was gone, feeding the animals, making up herb bundles, sleepless nights...

I missed the reason Jamie wanted the candlestick reworked, was it to make a ring to replace the one that was stolen? Because she was wearing a ring in her scenes and that candlestick has enough silver to make a dozen rings.

When the German guy came back to Claire's cabin, he said something "they were the ones who were supposed to die from measles" meaning the Indians. I just wondered if he'd done some trade in contaminated blankets which is why it followed him back to his house. Not sure if this particular Indian eradication method was known at this time though. Also, Claire's method of mourning the dead healer, oh no, not in the cabin fireplace. Outside, make a fire outside. You do not want to live with the smell of burning flesh and hair.
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