Project Runway All Stars: Made in Manhattan
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Is anyone interested in continuing the PR discussion? There are some talented returnees and it's always fun to see who is getting the redemption edit. Episode 1 has already aired, let's get this started!

I know there has been some interest in discussing past PR Australia / Canada seasons but in the meantime, we have a shiny new show right here. I prefer the All Stars versions: less chaff, bitchy designers try to rehab their original image, no Zac Posen.

I'm probably not going to be able to see many episodes but I'm hoping to be able to follow the discussion.
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I really liked the season opener, but I didn't like the team aspect of it. Why do such a tired trope as "Men vs. Women" for the opening, especially when Ivanka Trump was there to remind us of how badly the whole thing works for Celebrity Apprentice.

I love seeing Fabio and Chris March again. The rest of them are varying levels of "I barely remember that contestant" and "I wish that person wasn't on my screen again." Patricia and Kate? No need to bring them back. Dmitry? Love him.

The fashions weren't that great, but as Chris March said, "It's a one-day challenge?" Just not enough time to make fashions that are memorable.
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What I didn't like, it was a team challenge to design a collection but apparently it didn't have to be a cohesive collection. Everyone did their own thing but there did seem to be some collusion re color with uptown being light shades and downtown being darker.

There were a few, I recognized the names but couldn't tell you anything else about them. I didn't mind Patricia being first off. Her initial idea looked awful (zits) and from what I remember about her, her forte is textile design, not fashion.

Kate is a professional PR contestant at this point. I didn't mind her dress, I liked how the shoulder straps curved in the back.

I thought Benjamin would be in the bottom. His first outfit was just so wrong, his instincts are bad. Fabio should have won this one. Dimitry's was disappointing and the rest of the "safes" were way overworked (Justin, Samantha) or too predictable (Helen, Alexandria).

Was it the 2nd season of All Stars which featured a welcome video by Valentino? This season has guest judges from Jersey Shore. Why not enlist some of the Real Housewives and be done with it.
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I fear too many unlikable personalities. In no particular order: Helen, Michelle, and Benjamin. Gunnar had some very unfortunate moments but then redeemed himself by being genuinely sweet with his "regular size" model - and also calling out Ven, at least in private, for Ven's abysmal treatment of his regular model.

On the other hand, I would watch Chris March and Dmitry all day long and then some. I really hope they both stay a long time. I also like Sonjia, Alexandria and Fabio. I like nice people. Ugh, I would be so happy with no drama.

I think Kate should have gone, but didn't because then the show would have to admit having her on a THIRD season was a terrible idea. I also don't agree with past season winners getting another shot at the prize money. But that won't happen, since they gave the last All Stars to a previous winner (Seth Aaron). On the other hand (how many hands is that?), I can't decide whether all the conspiracy theories about producer manipulation are true at all. Maybe some, probably not all.

(By the way, the Previously TV forums are not too bad for some lively discussion. I'm not a member but I have been reading the episode threads.)
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Ooh, I didn't realize there was a Project Runway All Stars airing. Man, I just can't quit this show, even after watching several eps of Project Runway Vietnam, despite speaking zero Vietnamese. (Can you watch a show entirely in a foreign language? Or on mute? Can you still totally understand exactly what's going on? Yes? Totally mindless TV achieved!)
I find it interesting that an All Stars season includes past winners; I always think of All Stars as a chance for the Almosts and Totally Unfairs! to finally get their due. That said, it really shows how little fame the Project Runway franchise has offered their winners: the best thing a winner of Project Runway can do is.....appear on Project Runway.
I love Fabio, I'm so happy to see him again. I was glad to see Patricia go; I thought she was extremely over-rated during her season.
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Oh, I'M SO IN!

Already better than the last season of the regular PR - hoping they don't throw in too much drama though. I didn't particularly love many of the looks, although I'm glad the jumpsuit won.

Also apparently Kate can't get enough of being on PR. And I'm not surprised at all that she made a little "cute" dress and that her first draft dress had a circle skirt. She has been critiqued in the past for doing the same silhouette and you'd think she'd learn better by now.

I'm super glad Justin is back. I remember his finale collection being about when he got his implant and started to hear and how the sounds rushed in, plus he had really cool 3D printed jewelry. Which then thinking of his inspiration and drive for that finale made me sad about the last season of regular PR as it sucked.

Anyway, I'm in and excited for this for sure.
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Oh and I meant to add, can that poor host just go home and put her feet up already? She looks visibly uncomfortable plus completely out of breath. Just let her be home and be pregnant! Goodness, it was distracting and I felt so bad for her.
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oh shit, did Fabio win? This is bad, not remembering the winner after less than 24 hours. I guess I was focusing on the excessive praise for Benjamin's dress.
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Yup, Fabio won! I think it's telling that they said that Ivanka would wear the winning design, but didn't show her wearing it anywhere. I suppose wearing it in her dressing room for five minutes would satisfy that requirement.
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haha. Or maybe they learned from the Heidi fringe fiasco and asked her to wait until the episode aired.
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Good grief, how did Kate end up as an "All Star"? She's never been anything more than mediocre on her best day.

I love Michelle and I adore Dmitry but I struggled to remember who some of these people were. Chris March is always entertaining, so I hope he stays for a while.

Patricia had awful issues with construction - how can someone not know how to put in bust darts? That's the most basic sewing you learn when you're just starting to sew. But I hated Kate's dress - one of the judges (I think it was Alyssa) got it absolutely right when she said it looked as if it should be on a float at the Mermaid Parade.
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I am such an outlier: I have never been a big fan of Fabio (this week's look: I am tired of jumpsuits, and I didn't like his in particular), and liked Patricia more than everyone else (not loved, though. I think she's a smart fabricator and needs more editing and high-level thinking as a designer). I was done with Kate her first season. I do not think she rises to STAR much less all-star.

I would have given the win to Ben. It was the only one I liked. I hated Kate's beyond all others - too tight and too loose, too crinkly, too misshapen, too uninspired... bleh.

I am very tired of slumpy back-on-the-shoulder midriff-peaking sleeveless tops. \
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I was so sad to see Patricia go! I was really looking forward to a season of those amazing intricate designs she makes. I'm not that surprised that she made a basic "traditional" design error that every designer knows how to do because she's not that kind of designer and that's what I think makes her special. Unfortunately, she wasn't able to do any of her special magic, but I wish she had prepared a little before coming back so she could have avoided this. It's like when someone goes on Amazing Race and doesn't learn how to drive a stick shift first. But she's stubborn so I guess she figured if her thing got her to the finale before, she should be ok this time. Pity.

On a happier note, yay Chris March is on my tv again!
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I have to admit I check back here twice a day. I know the show has gone down the tubes, but I wish more people were watching. :P
(Oh! And apparently the British version was called Project Catwalk. I haven't started watching but found the first season in many parts here.)
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I just realized how much much I have missed Sonjia's bizarre lipstick choices.
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ARGH I wanted so much for Kate to be eliminated first and I was so close to my dream
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