Sailor Moon: Princess Serenity
November 1, 2014 8:42 PM - Season 1, Episode 9 - Subscribe

The bad guys win, Usagi learns about the changes her body will be going through, and you, the audience, were deeply moved. Trust me.
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so uh has anyone out there been able to enjoy this series?
posted by DoctorFedora at 1:12 AM on November 2, 2014

I have been watching it faithfully. For some reason it's not on every week, but every other week - is that typical?

I was deeply moved. I cried. But then, I do that.
posted by tomboko at 7:33 AM on November 2, 2014 [1 favorite]

It's been "airing" on the Internet every other week by design (though it did skip a week).

It feels a lot like the series is meant as a sort of Cliff's Notes summary, like the old Gundam compilation movies, such that a lot of the intended emotional impact feels unearned and the show just expects us to trust it, that we are experiencing the most powerful love story ever (like Final Fantasy VIII or something). Like, this episode and the last felt like nothing but talking heads providing exposition. Character development through "filler" episodes is often the difference between letting dough rise and just eating dry flour because you're in a hurry.

Admittedly, I'm experiencing Sailor Moon for the first time, and my wife grew up with the dub (and was legitimately pleased with the blink-and-you'll-miss-it reveal of who was leading the angry mob, since that wasn't part of her recollection of the '90s dub), but a lot of the inter-character interactions feel a lot more Act 3 than Act 1, so much of the drama feels like it falls flat if you don't already have the chatavter development under your proverbial belt.

We did crack a few Turn A Gundam jokes at the mention of people living on the moon and strife with those living on earth.
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I keep watching it and I don't know why. I think the every-other-week thing helps. I forget it's not really that good.

I wanted to like this episode more but I was glad the whole Princess Serenity identity wasn't dragged out longer than it needed to be.
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I like how fast it's moving. I thought at first it would be a short series like Madoka, but Wikipedia says 26 episodes. In the original series, it took 8 episodes for Sailor Mercury to show up - 25 to get to Sailor Jupiter! Now that we're already done with "oh WHO can the Moon Princess POSSIBLY BE" we can get on with the story.

I don't suppose we'll be seeing the outer-planet Sailors...? I would really, really love to see Uranus throw WORLD SHAKING in the new style.
posted by tomboko at 4:35 AM on November 3, 2014

I second tomboko, I really like the pacing as compared to the original series--waaaay fewer filler episodes. And I like that the Tuxedo Mask/Sailor Moon romance has been much more developed (and that they already know each others' identities, which took like 100 eps last time). I miss the character development, I guess, but it's so much more fun to watch as an adult than the original series!
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What I like is that the series is extremely faithful to the manga, which the original anime wasn't. The direction and pacing is scene-for-scene from the manga.

The series is broadcast every first and third Saturday, and in some months there's a fifth Saturday, which explains the occasional extra long gap.
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Aha! An explanation for the weird schedule!
posted by DoctorFedora at 1:31 AM on November 4, 2014

Yeah it's following the manga's storyline. Unfortunately, a lot of what people love about Sailor Moon wasn't in the manga. The manga does get better and we're starting to get into the meat of that now. Rumor has it that the second half of the season is going to cover the Black Moon Clan. That's wildly different then the 90's anime season that covered that storyline.

I'm loving it, but I recognize that it's very different from the 90's anime.
posted by royalsong at 8:52 AM on November 4, 2014

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