The Adventure Zone: Live Candlelights 2018 Spectacular
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Angus McDonald had but one item on his Candlenights list: A very special action doll of his very favorite wrestler. Unfortunately for him, Tres Horny Boys were assigned to acquire said toy. Can our three heroes fulfill the boy detective's Candlenights wish? Or will the forces of outrageous consumer demand prove an unbeatable foe?
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Griffin was right, that was def the best live TAZ show they've done.
posted by Tevin at 5:08 AM on December 14, 2018

This and Halloween were both, in fact, spectacular. Really love that it came down to Merle at the end of this one, though I don't know enough about wrestling to know who Jeff Angel and Cherub Joe are supposed to be (I think?) referencing.
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Jeff Angel is John Cena.

Based on:
Same entrance music
Jean shorts
"You can't see me" hand movement and saying.
General extreme do-gooder image

I don't know about cherub joe.
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Thank you! Cena was my best guess but I figured Cherub Joe must have something to do with something.
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Griffin: (sighs) You slip and fall down the stairs! Take 8 points of damage. DOES ANYONE ELSE WANT TO TRY ANYTHING?

Justin: No, I think this is going to work
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I love that Gerald (Jerald?) Loggins didn't turn out to be a final boss as I was expecting the whole game, but rather just a devoted and unappreciated step-dad really bravely trying to get Timothy that toy.
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Yay! Ango! I wonder how long they'll do these one-shots or other collaborative adventures -- will we see him grow up?

I noticed that for some reason, Magnus was remarkably mean, and Taako was much nicer. It's not OOC if those guys who invented the characters are right there doing the characters; I just thought that was interesting.

I think Cherub Joe was supposed to be the Boss Baby, or at least that's what I pictured. I missed the original Jeff Angel episode, so I could be wrong.
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I'm totally on board for a spin-off show, The Adventures of Gerald Loggins and Some Draculas.
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I just... fucking loved this- all of this! This was really good! I missed Tres Horny Boys!
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I love how this was somehow Jingle All the Way AND Home Alone AND pro wrestling. So much going on! So many good goofs! So many iPod Shuffles!
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Magnus has a history of absolutely writing off some NPCs (see: Boyland) and I took his treatment of Gerald to be partly that, and partly messing with Ditto who was clearly introducing Gerald for plot purposes while Klaarg and others were there for fan-service mostly.
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I really loved Gerald as a character. I also really loved the Emmy-juice-style ending. Very sweet.
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Hey Here's Some Fun News!
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