Schitt's Creek: Season 2
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After a failed attempt to sell the town, the once rich and powerful Rose Family come to the depressing realization that their stay may be longer than they originally hoped. But the Roses will bloom again – even if it’s in Schitt’s Creek.

(Spoiler-free recap above written by cbc)

Alexis manages her love triangle between Mutt and Ted; A couple of the Roses consider and one runs for Town Council; David and Alexis both become employed.
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Really loved the last scene in the final S2 episode. Lotta heart.
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If you need a refresh of which episodes are in season 2,
some synopses are from imdb.

The show has grown on me; the characters become more fleshed and nuanced; and the juvenile humor that embodied in the name and first couple episodes is less prevalent.
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Moira trying to explain to David how to "fold in" that "broken cheese" had me laughing so hard I was in pain.

I really love how Bob is just the nicest asshole of all time.
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I've been meaning to watch this for a while. I think I started just over a week ago and am now up to the end of season 2 and it's lovely.

I'm enjoying how it's becoming clearer that the townspeople and Jocelyn & Roland in particular are much more aware of how the Roses see them than the Roses think they are. And I love David in particular, there really does seem to be a good and sensible person clawing his way reluctantly out from years of training in selfishness and frivolity.

My only (slight) bugbear is that they seem to have very set interactions for people living in a small community. Johnny & Moira mostly interact with Jocelyn, Roland & Twyla and at times the other townspeople, David interacts with Stevie and the lady who owns Blouse Barn, Alexis interacts with Mutt and Ted but there's very little crossover. Johnny, Moira & Alexis very rarely talk to Stevie, which is weird since they live in her workplace, David hardly ever seems to go to the cafe or talk to Roland, Jocelyn or Twyla etc. It feels oddly segmented.

The last scene of season 2 was indeed lovely (partly because it's a rare example of breaking down the groupings above).
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Becca, that is certainly a valid criticism and I agree; that segmentation still generally occurs in seasons 3 and 4 but there are at least a few smaller subplots between the segmented actors.
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I am just now binge watching this show after having it recommended several times; the name, the fish out of water rural location being turn offs initially but I am LOVING it. I love Eugene Levy’s character, he’s so genuine, but my absolute favorite is Stevie: the name tag, the deadpan face. (Do you think she secretly paid for that round of golf when they visited the club?). Still finding Alexis’ storyline with Mutt or Ted to be tedious, I want to fast forward through those scenes.
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