Runaways: Old School
December 29, 2018 6:33 PM - Season 2, Episode 4 - Subscribe

The team must figure out how to handle Topher. PRIDE gets some clues to find their kids as Geoffrey confronts Catherine about her actions. Jonah reaches out to Karolina as his body deteriorates.
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You know what is so great about this show? Scenes like where PRIDE interrogates the volunteer and then Mike on a Bike. They're such distant rich weirdos playing at villainy that it's just comical when they're talking to regular people, right down to Robert advising Mike that he should've started out by asking for $100 instead of $50. It's so funny and yet so key to the characters.

I don't like Topher one bit. Smarminess is such an overused trope that I can spot the bad guys with them from a mile a way. But I suppose he's a useful plot tool (literally and figuratively), and like AV Club said, it's how the team reacts to him that shows great characterization. I especially liked Nico's flirtatious ways to get the vial away from him while initially telling him in multiple ways that she doesn't give a rat's ass about him.

Karolina might be getting in over her head, but I (like her) can't wait to find out what's going on with the origins of the Gibborim. And Jonah's attempts at fatherhood as he's decaying (changing his message from "I need to.." to "I'd like to/I want to...") was very effective in giving the character a shade of sympathy.
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From the AV Club review: "And should the other Runaways trust him? If you’ve read the Runaways comic, you know that the answer to this last question is “probably not,” but you also could have figured that out by being a human who consumes a bare minimum level of media in this oversaturated year of our Lord 2018." SHYEAH.

I just wanted to yell "aaaaaaaaaah noooooooooo" when Gert needed to hit up the nurse for meds. You know that's not going to go well. The whole meds thing really worries me because well, can you just not be allowed to have adventures if you need medication of any kind on a regular basis? Probably not, though this situation is probably not as bad as if someone needed more extensive medication to stay alive (shots, anti-rejection meds, whatever else I can't think of now).
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Yeah Jenfullmoon, going on the lam as an asthmatic (me) or person who has no thyroid (my sister) would entail comical levels of CVS hijinks. Or, you know, I'd have Nico cast a "lifetime dosage in a single inhaler" spell and blammo, on the lammo, I guess? (can't lose it or we're back to square one.)

I love Nico's crazy goth costumes, but for some reason the makeup seems really OTT for a teenager who's essentially homeless. Lack of temperature and humidity control can play hell with some kinds of makeup storage. I realize it's perpetual late spring/early summer weather in LA, but still.
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