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After discovering their parents are super-villains in disguise, a group of teenagers band together to run away from their homes in order to atone for their parents' actions and to discover the secrets of their origins.


Runaways: Season 3  Season 3 (Full Season)

The final season of Marvel's Runaways. The Runaways frantically search for their captured friends Chase Stein, Gert Yorkes, and Karolina Dean. The kids go head to head with an unstoppable enemy who has targeted Leslie — or more accurately, the child she's carrying. Nico Minoru draws them all into a dark realm where its ruler Morgan le Fay is much more nefarious than anyone the kids have yet to face.
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Runaways: Rite of Thunder  Season 3, Episode 4

As Leslie gives birth and Xavin fulfills her prophecy, the kids go head to head in a final battle against the aliens.
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Runaways: Lord of Lies  Season 3, Episode 3

The Runaways become suspicious of one another with a traitor among them. Catherine takes responsibility for her past. Leslie seeks help protecting the child growing inside her.
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Runaways: The Great Escape  Season 3, Episode 2

The Runaways spring a trap to rescue their missing friends from Jonah and his family.
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Runaways: Smoke and Mirrors  Season 3, Episode 1

With the team split up and Jonah and his family on the warpath, the Runaways must regroup. [more inside]
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Runaways: Split Up  Season 2, Episode 13

The parents wage an all out assault on getting the kids back. Xavin's proposals are rebuffed. Aliens are very hard to kill. [more inside]
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Runaways: Earth Angel  Season 2, Episode 12

Chase joins the Pride and finds out the nature of his dad's illness (hint: he's losing time). Karolina, Molly, Nico and Vaughn go on a "prison break girls trip" to break Leslie out of cult jail. [more inside]
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Runaways: Last Waltz  Season 2, Episode 11

It's Molly's 15th birthday and everyone throws her a quincenera. Old Lace gets left behind. Chase gets high and later gets a phone call from his dad. [more inside]
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Runaways: Hostile Takeover  Season 2, Episode 10

AWOL forces Livvie to reveal the location of the hidden mansion, forcing a standoff at Chez Runaways. Something has to be done about Gert and Old Lace. [more inside]
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Runaways: Big Shot  Season 2, Episode 9

Various people but especially Alex try to negotiate with AWOL. None of that goes well. Several people are acting decidedly out of character and both Gert and Old Lace are sick. [more inside]
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Runaways: Past Life  Season 2, Episode 8

We find out more about Jonah's past. Alex reunites with Livvie and the new goal of the week is to try to figure out who killed Darius. Gert wants to go to Smith College. The Pride breaks up. Frank has no idea how to deal with his mess. [more inside]
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Runaways: Last Rites  Season 2, Episode 7

I don't think anyone expected what happened in this episode. [more inside]
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Runaways: Bury Another  Season 2, Episode 6

Gert finally gets medical treatment, but at the cost of her relationship. Nico and Carolina are also having issues. The Runaways carry out a rescue mission. [more inside]
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Runaways: Rock Bottom  Season 2, Episode 5

Topher has a mental breakdown and Gert's not feeling so hot herself. People underestimate Robert and maybe they shouldn't. Karolina finds out about her father's people's origins a bit. [more inside]
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Runaways: Old School  Season 2, Episode 4

The team must figure out how to handle Topher. PRIDE gets some clues to find their kids as Geoffrey confronts Catherine about her actions. Jonah reaches out to Karolina as his body deteriorates. [more inside]
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Runaways: Double Zeros  Season 2, Episode 3

The Runaways practice fighting as a team. Alex gets closer to Livvie, but trouble is coming. Janet gets closer in PRIDE's efforts against Jonah. [more inside]
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Runaways: Radio On  Season 2, Episode 2

Karolina, Nico, and Molly try to retrieve the Staff of One while Chase and Gert tries to fix up the hideout. Alex has a new crush. [more inside]
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Runaways: Gimmie Shelter  Season 2, Episode 1

The kids struggle with their new lives as Runaways and Alex returns to Darius for help. PRIDE handles the fallout of their kids leaving and plan what to do about Johan. Meanwhile Jonah initiates a plan to build a new Dematerialization Box. [more inside]
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Runaways: Season Two  Season 2 (Full Season)

PRIDE and the Runaways each in their own way try to Jonah's underground secret from droppping California into the ocean and each in their own way achieved mixed results. The Runaways continue to struggle with the consequences of parents' actions, the decision to forgive or to punish, and homesickness. [more inside]
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Runaways: Hostile  Season 1, Episode 10

The season finale. Carolina faces down Jonah. The Pride gets rebellious (but not too rebellious). Old Lace gets a name. The show's title becomes significant.
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Runaways: Doomsday  Season 1, Episode 9

Frank tries to be helpful. Everyone's feelings come out at the dance. The Pride continues the Marvel Streaming Universe supervillain tradition of digging a really big hole.
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Runaways: Tsunami  Season 1, Episode 8

The Pride has a get-together at the Stein house. Robert Minoru shows off his dad bod. Molly finds a piece of ancient technology.
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Runaways: Metamorphosis  Season 1, Episode 6

At the PRIDE gala, the kids set in motion a plan to expose their parents for good. As the evening progresses, everyone's personal drama threatens to drive the plan off course. [more inside]
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Runaways: Kingdom  Season 1, Episode 5

Just when Alex thought his relationship with his parents couldn't be more strained, an old friend from Geoffrey's past resurfaces, and Alex discovers long-buried secrets about his dad.
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Runaways: Fifteen  Season 1, Episode 4

The parents try to find a solution to PRIDE’s problem, and the kids grapple with a new discovery that yields more questions than answers. [more inside]
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Runaways: Destiny  Season 1, Episode 3

The teens attempt to pull back the curtains and see what's behind their parents' seemingly perfect lives, all while trying to avoid being discovered. Catherine attempts to do a little investigation of her own of the kids. [more inside]
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Runaways: Rewind  Season 1, Episode 2

The kids take a back seat and the adults take the spotlight in the second episode of Runaways. [more inside]
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Runaways: Reunion  Season 1, Episode 1

In the series premier of the adaptation of Brian K. Vaughan and Adrian Alphona’s classic comic series, a group of privileged teenagers discover that their parents are secretly a cabal of supervillains. [more inside]
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