Runaways: Bury Another
January 5, 2019 9:39 AM - Season 2, Episode 6 - Subscribe

Gert finally gets medical treatment, but at the cost of her relationship. Nico and Carolina are also having issues. The Runaways carry out a rescue mission.

AV Club: Everyone comes clean in a tense, suspiciously uneventful Runaways

I guess we'll see what Nico does with the information that Jonah killed Amy (as a sacrifice? how?). If I had a big ol' staff I might have some ideas there.

Gert and Chase are making me sad. I am also confused as to if she needs anxiety medication (I think?), why she would need IV drug treatment for a while.

I dunno if I would have brought my dad back to the hideout without at least blindfolding him, Alex.
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This was an interesting episode in that the dialogue felt pretty real for teenagers, including the some of the dumb decisions they made. Gert couldn't handle facing her parents so she used Janet, and not thinking about how facing his mom would be for Chase because like he said, she was being selfish. I'm glad Chase actually stood up for himself though, because he was really getting stepped all over for a while there as he was trying to detach from his jock stereotypes. Then Karolina also fessed up with Nico because she was actually taking Alex' advice on not keeping things from Nico, that was a nice moment until the actual reveal of Nico's reaction.

I guess we'll see what Nico does with the information that Jonah killed Amy (as a sacrifice? how?)

Amy was killed because she hacked into Wizard's network and Jonah thought she found the recording of them using runaways as sacrifices. He showed up at the Minorus' house and basically killed her while Tina and Robert stood by helpless.
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