Kim's Convenience: Kim's Convenience - Season 3
January 11, 2019 9:58 AM - Season 3 (Full Season) - Subscribe

The continuing adventures of a Korean-Canadian family in Toronto.

Season 3 premiered in Canada on January 8.
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I don't know if this has premiered in international markets yet, so maybe discussion will be quiet for a little while...

But I've missed Jean Yoon as Mrs. Kim SO MUCH. Someone somewhere drew a parallel between the Simpsons and the Kims (Appa as the bumbling, but well-meaning father; Umma, the voice of reason; Jung, the rebellious older son; and Janet, the younger daughter) but I find Mrs. Kim much funnier and much more human than Marge. (I also haven't watched the Simpsons for close to twenty years so my memories are decidedly fuzzy.)

I'm looking forward to the Jung/Kimchee dynamic in future episodes along with the evolving Appa/Jung relationship.
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If there’s a way to watch from US someone let me know please! Been waiting for this, if nothing else hope it comes to Netflix or Hulu asap
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The first 2 seasons are on netflix.
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Yeah that’s where I got hooked
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For the US/UK/Australia fans, Season 3 will be available on Netflix starting on April 3, a day after the season finale airs in Canada. Looking forward to everyone's thoughts on this season!
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Just finished binging Season three and I have feelings!! I will have to go and do a rewatch because there were so many bits that flew by while I was laughing that I’m confident I missed a lot. It’s like the whole damn show is a sneak attack on your feelings.
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Ahh! We're done with Season 3 (in the US on Netflix) and I wish their seasons were longer! I want to know more about Janet's oddball love life! I want to see Chung and Shannon flirt more! I want everyone to love Shannon in all her bizarre rhyming name-giving weirdness! I want more, more, more!
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I discovered this show recently and love it. It did a sneak-attack on my brain and I binged the entire season this weekend. I really do root for all the characters -- except for Raj who is a poopyhead.

The Simpsons comparison is interesting, especially because this really feels like a much better version of what the Simpsons could have done with a character like Apu. Immigrant convenience store owner with a weird catchphrase ("Thank you come again" vs "OK see you"), except we feel like we are laughing with Mr Kim, not at him.
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