Bob's Burgers: Lorenzo's Oil? No, Linda's
January 11, 2019 12:35 PM - Season 9, Episode 11 - Subscribe

Linda's new friend introduces her to essential oils and Gayle is convinced she must be rescued. Meanwhile, Bob and Teddy helps Mr. Huggins get a new bed.

Store Next Door

Pest Control Truck

Burger of the Day
The Brussel and Flow Burger (served with Brussel Sprouts)

End Credits Sequence
A song, "Hey Ange" plays, Louise appears with Ringo's head sticking out from under her shirt while Mr. Huggins, Gayle, Linda and Reggie dance in the restaurant.
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I feel for Gayle, having been duped with a pyramid scheme, now I'm vehemently against them. But her falling for the seduction of the peppermint was so hilarious.

Bob just using the mattress of wherever he moved to is just so Bob. I've been on that end of a mattress carry and it's so awkward when you end up having to hold it on your head/neck.

I also love that Louise has the same violently positive reaction to the puppy as she did to Boo Boo of Boyz4Now.

Gene: "You're that puzzle's Renee Zellweger from Jerry McGuire-- you complete it."

Gene: "Hot dog stand!"
Gayle: "Where?"
Gene: "I'm just saying we should stop at one!"

Louise: "Ugh. It smells like someone ate, prayed and loved too much in here."

Ronnie: "On a positive note, over here in puzzle-town, I have drawn replacement pieces with these markers and sticky notes, and we're about to move into an English cottage."
Tina: "Ronnie, you son of a bitch, if I was just five years younger..."
Ronnie: "Oh... I don't get it."
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I had to move one of those extra-floppy adjustable bed mattresses last year, and I can confirm that it is not fun. Somewhat easier to get around corners than a regular mattress, which is nice, but everything else is ten times harder.
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