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January 21, 2019 8:42 PM - Season 1, Episode 2 - Subscribe

Amy and a wounded Brad continue on the run from Richards. Meanwhile, at Project NOAH, Dr, Lear reflects on the decisions that compelled him to involve Fanning in his research, and testing of the virus on Anthony Carter begins, as the epidemic in China spreads and the race for a cure intensifies.
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Whatever else happens, I'm going to finish out the season just to watch Amy. The thing about 'my mom ran away with the personal trainer, and he has his own Youtube channel!' about killed me.
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One of the recaps said it too, but, I definitely got a "The Shining" vibe from Carter's dream-vision of bartender-Fanning. The dream-visions have all been wonderfully creepy so far.
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Yeah, I'm really enjoying Fanning too. (It helps that I'm not big on angst, and these vampires seem to be pretty enthusiastic about what they are.)
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This episode was great until the very end snapped me right back into the reality of this being on Fox: "Do you want us to search the house?" "No, we've got what we came for." WHAT? Wasn't the whole problem that Brad knew too much? Why would they not wonder who, you know, LIVED IN THE HOUSE that Brad specifically chose to hide out in? Certainly someone in Brad's shoes would be asked and would tell that person exactly what he knew and why he was on the run from government agents with a small child he met only days before. Good lord.
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"Do you want us to search the house?" "No, we've got what we came for."
They lock eyes as Brad is taken away and Clark says, "We got what we need", and that kinda said to me that he knows that someone is in there but he's not going to go there (because of some sort of history they have?).
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I hope that’s true!
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So ugly Chris Pratt just gets gut shot, bleeds out until he runs the car off the road and passes out, but then wakes up and is like totally fine?

I don't know, guys, I was pretty enthusiastic about this show from reading the recaps and comments here, but I find it all a little bit too much. I will probably watch another episode or two but there are just too many moments where I am like are you effing kidding me!?

I mean he somehow puts Amy on the school trip bus and the teachers literally can't recognize their own students?! Then the pop the back door of the bus (no alarm sounds) and ugly Chris Pratt just climbs in while none of the other kids yell stranger danger or something? The bus driver doesn't have a rear view mirror? There is no teacher on the bus? Oh come on!
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LiteraryHero, Ugly Chris Pratt = Zack from Saved By the Bell.
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LiteraryHero, Ugly Chris Pratt = Zack from Saved By the Bell.

Man, that hit me like a ton of bricks.
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