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November 5, 2014 3:26 AM - Season 4, Episode 7 - Subscribe

An impending deadline leaves the firm in disarray, as Don makes Peggy stay late to work on a Samsonite ad, missing a birthday dinner with her boyfriend.
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Damn... Another top ten episode (and possibly number 1).
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The feels! Yeah, this one's right at the top of the list.
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Don is among his most tender and horrible to Peggy in this episode.
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Lotta good one-liners in this episode.

"I'm late. But you're not. Good work so far."

"'s an incredible feeling having this baby kick me." "Is it any different than living with Pete?"

"I want a rare steak and I want to see those two men pound each other."

"You're such a Jew." "Your friends in Hollywood know you talk that way?"

"I do have to be here, because of some stupid idea from Danny, who you had to hire, because you stole his other stupid idea, because you were drunk."

"Is that a threat? Because I've already taken someone up on one of those tonight."

"Why are you laughing?" "C'mon. Ida was a hellcat? Cooper lost his balls? Roger's writing a book?"
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Three equally absurd things.

I like how Roger is essentially non-functional around men who don't drink. He really can't deal with the world without some chemical intervention, which is why he loves LSD.
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Don to Peggy: " You're young. You will get your recognition. And honestly, it is absolutely ridiculous to be two years into your career and counting your ideas."

This line has to be almost verbatim from the writers' room. I can easily imagine Matt Weiner saying this to Kater Gordon who left/was fired/departed by mutual agreement. In any case, this particular conflict between a show runner and an ambitious young writer must take place regularly. Weiner used this archetypal situation to great benefit in this episode. It's one of the best episodes of the entire series.
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Peggy crying in front of the mirror in the women's restroom is a call back to the S1 Ep 2 The Ladies Room in which she stood before a mirror in the restroom and did not cry.

The incredulous and surprised looks on Peggy's face when Don mentioned things from his background (he grew up on a farm, his father was killed by a horse kicking him) makes me wonder what background Peggy had invented for Don. Did she imagine he was a HS football hero like several others have thought he was? From a middle or upper-middle class background?

In the shots of Duck on the phone with Peggy, he looks like one of the alienated figures in an Edward Hopper painting come to life.

Peggy's choice in some of her lovers really lets you know the conflicted feelings she has towards Don. She pairs up with Don's antagonists. Pete. Duck. Ted.

Peggy mentions that people think she has slept with Don and how she resents it. In this ep. she does "sleep" with Don on the couch. Platonic love. It's amazing how dependent they are on one another.
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Such a great episode. Such a turning point for both characters.

I think it was Alan Sepinwall who pointed out that this episode is the exact middle of the series, and it feels like it.
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I never thought Mark was a good match for Peggy. It kinda seemed like she was dating the type of guy her Mom would want her to date.
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"There’s a way out of this room we don’t know about."
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It's a small part of this episode, but fuck Pete for not realizing he's got the best damn wife on the planet.
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