Broad City: Stories
January 25, 2019 7:08 PM - Season 5, Episode 1 - Subscribe

Abbi and Ilana travel through Manhattan to celebrate Abbi's 30th birthday.

Abbi and Ilana decide to walk the length of Manhattan for Abbi's birthday and post the entire journey as an Instagram story, including Ilana's present to Abbi, a montage of the "ass of an ageless angel."
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this was such a delight. i lost it when they cut to ilana's body and bruised foot. very little else brings me total and pure JOY the way broad city at it's best does. i'm really gonna miss this show when this season is over.
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! For some reason, I thought it had been cancelled after S4 - thanks for posting!

That was a delightful season opener.
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*BLOODY not body
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I thought this was pretty amazing. This felt like an episode of Broad City only moreso with the "story" gimmick. There was that tiny moment of Ilana going to find Abbi in the bathroom at the restaurant and seeing her "birthday blues" that felt so exactly true to their friendship. It was perfectly understated and sweet all at the same time. The only misgiving I had was some of the "on the street" filming looked so real to me, I thought it might be using regular people. After reading a review of the episode, it doesn't sound like that happened at all.
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Broad City And The Pivot To Millenial Rage, Sonia Saraiya - "The Comedy Central sitcom made hustle funny for five seasons. As it ends, it asks why we have to hustle at all."
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