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Jamie, Claire and Young Ian's attempt to rescue Roger from his Mohawk captors goes awry when a ghost from Claire's past lays waste to their plan; Brianna worries Claire, Jamie and Roger may not return.
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- Ian’s look of utter joy when he was accepted into the tribe
- Roger beating up Jamie
- Jocasta and Murtagh. I gather this is controversial but tbh I buy it more than the Duncan Innes business from the books.

- I felt zero emotional impact from Ian taking Jamie’s place to stay with the Mohawk and that disappointed me. I felt like that whole scene was poorly written and directed.
- No one seems eager to hold this baby? Not Jamie? Not Roger?
- Kinda sucked Jamie and Claire weren’t around for the birth, anyway.

Ah well. It’s over. Let’s hope for a happier season 5.
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too many close ups of the squirming larva, don't like how squishy it looks, nope.
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- Roger beating up Jamie
Not really an ideal first meeting with the prospective inlaws was it?

I did find the whole season a bit patchy. Hoping for better next time.

I find Outlander interesting in terms of its use of locations - most of the show has been filmed in Scotland. Many of those locations in Scotland - which were depicted as being in Scotland within the film - have had major boosts in terms of visitor numbers. For example Midhope Castle or Doune Castle - both of which you will recognise as Lallybroch and Castle Leoch respectively. Scottish locations have also stood in for scenes which were supposed to be in France or in the Caribbean or in Boston. But those stand ins were only for part of the material. Series 4 was set pretty much entirely in North Carolina and New York - but without (as far as I can tell) any scenes being set there. I don't think that really helped when it came to depicting North America convincingly. It did lead to a strange sport of trying to spot Scottish locations which were trying not to look Scottish. For those who like doing that: A final list of Outlander series 4 filming locations.
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Wobbly and unfocused are perfect words to describe this season. The show is not the same without Ron Moore running it day-to-day. I hope they reconsider their strategy going forward.
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Also can I say I enjoyed the title card sequence, with the kids playing cowboys-and-Indians which made me say “you have to be fucking kidding me” out loud, at which expect point they cut to the Native guy (20th century Otter Tooth?) giving a very good “you have to be fucking kidding me” look at the kids.
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Jocasta / Murtagh seems entirely wrong. IIRC Jocasta was in a secret LTR with Ulysses, and Duncan Innes was impotent.

I guess this points at scrapping the whole Ulysses and Phaedra subplot, which might be for the best anyway.
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Truly another patched together finale. Not a complete botch finish as Season 3's Finale. But the montage sequences and the Adagio for Strings. - REALLY??

It seems the writers are making a show out of crocheted granny squares, trying to cram too much into one episode by hitting beats and marks working too hard to get all the plot lines in the 60 minute segment.

What happened during the botched escape from Shadow Lake? Worst direction ever. Poor actors fumbling their way through an action sequence. Who is booking these directors? Season 1 had great directors like John Dahl & Douglas Mackinnon, Anna Foerster and. Metin Huseyin for Season 2.

Bring Back Ronald D Moore!! This creative team is over-writing the story, and Claire & Jamie have been lost in all the plot twists.. The books are primarily from Claire's POV. Their story is the focus.

You guys are losing viewers by they have lost interest. Please stop killing this wonderful story..
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trying to cram too much into one episode by hitting beats

Yeah, and the thing is, they don't seem to have a handle on which beats to hit.

I'm guessing this episode was intended to center the Mohawk to the degree possible within the larger story, and that's a good thing (assuming they handled it in an authentic way, which from what I understand they more or less did?). However, it was weird to hit that so hard--at long last--in the finale. Much of that story could have been told in the penultimate episode.

Some essentials that needed to be hit in the finale... and were either skipped or glossed over:
1) Roger meeting the baby. "Let's go meet my son" doesn't exactly do the job, considering that this child and Roger's acceptance of him (or not) has driven much of the emotional tension of the season.
2) Brianna's forgiveness of Jamie. However you feel about Brianna the character--or Jamie for that matter--the relationship between the two of them is, again, a major emotional driver throughout the season. Their reconciliation, or lack thereof, has huge ramifications for Claire as well. Brianna's telling Murtagh that she's "already" forgiven Jamie is not enough.
3) LJG... what, was David Berry indisposed when they produced the finale? Why could he not have been still at River Run when Jamie and Claire arrived? It just makes no sense that the cementing of his relationship with the family, through his being a confidante to Brianna and aiding her in major ways, should just peter out with "oh, he was called back to Virginia, said to tell you hi!" Ugh, such bullshit!

Only thing I can really say in favor of this finale is that the morning scene between Jocasta and Murtagh was just lovely. Don't know where they're headed with that story (plantation owner hooking up with a Regulator), but I'm interested in seeing where it goes.
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The GoFugYourself recap is up.

Thanks to whoever originally linked these. I've enjoyed them immensely.
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wait, that was the season finale? ok I too am disappointed by this season.
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I have to say that I'm not much for the "that person doesn't look like the picture in my head/way they're described in the books" criticism, but when they first revealed Young Ian last season I was like - what?? But I'm now totally Team Young Ian...he's been growing on me all season and his look at the end of the gauntlet scene is what sealed the deal.

The whole Bree-Roger storyline has been a complete fail for me. I liked them okay last season but this season has been awful. IMO it's not the casting but they way they're being written/directed.

And yeah, I was completely taken out of those final scenes by the lack of Claire/Jamie holding that baby. I'd have expected them to be holding him non-stop once they got back. They really should have had Bree hand the baby off to Murtagh when her parents arrive to get that out of the way and then do the introduction. I feel robbed of that scene. I mean, c'mon, this is their grandson!
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Was anyone else confused by the "at least this baby was born in wedlock" thing when Roger wasn't there yet?
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