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Following celebrations in honor of Brianna and Roger's wedding, Governor Tryon reminds Jamie of his obligation to hunt down and kill Murtagh Fitzgibbons.
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Should this thread get the 'books included' tagging added?

(Comcast seems to have gone through with dropping the Starz channels from my subscription, which I didn't realize until last night. I haven't decided yet if I'm going to give up on Starz shows, fork over more money to Comcast to get Starz & TCM back, or switch to Fios, so, no idea when I'll actually watch this episode or the rest of the season. My dad loves the show though, so I may just watch his recordings some later weekend.)
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I don't know who took the time to lovingly craft that cross out of sticks but it looked like it took a LOT of work.
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That whole “once we travel through the stones back to our time we can do the wedding right” comment by Roger....yeah.
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Well it's my fervent wish that Roger and Brianna travel back through the stones and out of the story toute de suite but major characters from the past are just walk-ons now though they're willing to pile on more extraneous characters (fur boy and Lizzie-former-maid, Bonnet arises from the ashes). The final scene between Murtaugh and Jamie was the most powerful and effective. When Outlander sticks close to its origin story, it still works.

This is the last season, right?
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As somebody who choose Nat King Cole's "L.O.V.E" as a wedding first dance, I don't appreciate the show's insinuation that Roger and Brianna were the first to have the idea (before Nat King Cole, even).
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I'm so glad they changed the gathering of the clans to Bree & Roger's wedding, the gathering in the book was like the entire first quarter of the book and nothing happened during it. This is one of my least favorite books of the series, so I'm approaching this season of the show with cautious optimism, for the sake of tv they'll have to tighten up Gabaldon's meandering plotting.

The drinking game was my favorite part of the episode, Marsali is so charming, I love her and Fergus.
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Ugh, this show. I still love it for so many reasons, but individual moments make me angry. Roger is still the WORST. Last season's whole "we didn't actually show Brianna's rape so give us credit" got wiped out by actually showing it in flashbacks this season. And...um...did they just burn a CROSS on their front yard? (Yes, I know it is a Celtic cross, yes, I know it is not directly related to modern cross burning, but that was still hard to see, especially with an actual enslaved character in the episode.)

I think I heard somewhere (and now can't find it) that whoever made the cross was the same person who made the stag they burned in Season 4.

The drinking game and anytime Murtagh is on screen made up for a lot of that.

My favorite recap: Vulture.
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Woooo dusting off the old MeFi login now that Outlander is back on! It's been a while!

preserver: KKK cross burning is actually directly related to Scottish cross burning. It's where they got the idea. I agree it's extremely uncomfortable to see, but a la Hindu swastika vs Nazi swastika, I think it's worth the acknowledgement that some shitty appropriation happened here.

TWinbrook8: not a book reader, eh? I have some bad news for you on both counts.

banjo_and_the_pork: my mother feel similarly - this was the first book in the series she simply could not finish, so she gave up about 1/4 the way in and has been grumpy about pretty much every book since. And she called me after this first episode saying "wow, this was great! Maybe I should try the book again!" Nope. Keep to the series. It's doing a better job of telling the story than Gabaldon "how many pages CAN I fill" did.
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Also my "every scene is delightful" pick is Jocasta, for sure. Her bit with Roger in the end was extremely well written and filmed for the show.
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KKK cross burning is actually directly related to Scottish cross burning.

KKK cross burning is indeed descended from the Scottish practice of cross burning, but what I meant here is that the show isn't intending to evoke modern cross burning in that scene.
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I wondered how they would handle it in the show, actually, because in the book I’m pretty sure it’s described as a Christian cross. I thought the Celtic one was an intentional choice meant to reduce the visual shock value.

Fergus and Marsali are definitely my favorite. I like their casting better even than Jamie and Claire’s.
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A little more about about the tradition for Crann Tara or the tradition of cross burning amongst highland clans in Scotland. If you want to try it out then you will need a handy goat so that you can use it's blood to extinguish the blaze, apparently.

(As a Scot - it is the first I have heard of the practice. Probably not a tradition we want to shout about for very obv. reasons.)
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Question - when we say “books included “, do we mean all books in the series or all books up to this current season? I’m reading the books along with the show, so I’m wondering if I can safely read these book included threads or if I’ll get spoiled by something that happens three books from now.
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