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January 30, 2019 7:18 PM - Season 4, Episode 2 - Subscribe

Dean Fogg gets a new suit.

TINNITUS TRIGGERING NOISE WARNING (timing based on broadcast length):
*in the 'previously on The Magicians' clips, when Fogg looks through his glass at Julia
*3 minutes in, after Marina says "Neither is Henry Fogg", lasts a few seconds
*8 minutes in, after Margo says "Well alone's my jam, grenouille", ending one minute later when she exits the cavern
*11 minutes in, after Marina says "pretty much all of your apple-shining teacher's pets", lasts a few seconds
*13 minutes in, after Fen says "So, you claim to be High King", lasts a few seconds
*23 minutes in, after Fogg says to Julia "My life is mostly made up of regrets. I'm not looking for contradiction or pity, it's just a fact." ends when bottles are set down.
*31 minutes in, as Julia approaches Fogg in the hallway and says "You said if revealed", lasts a few seconds
*41 minutes in, as Julia says to Todd "Spells take magic, right? Which is rationed." ends when glasses shatter.

Den of Geek recap: The Magicians gives Fogg a taste of his own medicine this week while Julia and Margo go through their own journeys of discovery.
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grenouille = French for frog. Margo also calls "Lord Fresh" Shape of Water :)

Beast-Eliot: This is the temple of the god we are summoning. Enyalius. God of war.
Brian-Quentin: Thought that was Ares.
B-E: Say that when you see him. It makes him so mad.

From Wikipedia: Enyalius or Enyalios (Greek: Ἐνυάλιος) in Greek mythology is generally a son of Ares by Enyo and also a byname of Ares the god of war. Though Enyalius being a by-name of Ares is the most accepted version, in Mycenaean times Ares and Enyalius were differentiated as separate deities. Enyalius is often seen as the God of soldiers and warriors from Ares cult.

(By-name = nickname)

Beast-Eliot calls Enyalius' stand-in a Corybant, which is one of the attendants or priests of Cybele (Anatolian* mother goddess), noted for wildly emotional processions and rites.

* An area similar to, but smaller, than modern day Turkey.

And this has been your minute of definitions :)

Two episodes into their 13 episode season, they've lost their glamours, which is nice, because I didn't look forward to episode(s) more of figuring out who they really are. Was Dean Fogg protecting them from The Beast, or the Librarians, or something else?
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Thank you for this, Oh Yeah. I'm hoping that the sound will disappear sometime in the next ep, if it hasn't already. I think it's a mistake to assume that Eliot's inhabited by the Beast... all prior interviews about S4 indicate this Monster is NOT human, so it's def. not the Beast (Martin) possessing our favorite High King.

The idea that it's a god-like child who's escaped some kind of abuse has potential, and has been heavily hinted at in both dialogue and behavior. I wonder if they'll reveal it's a child of Ember and Umber's, or another Godlike being we've already seen in the BrakebillsVerse? Perhaps the Goddess Our Lady Underground had another terrible child she abandoned, much like Reynard the Fox? If she's really an analogue for Persephone, it makes sense she'd have another hell-spawn wandering around somewhere.

I understand they're going off-books this season, so this is just speculation on my part. I haven't read the series the show's based on.
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Sorry, The Beast was my short-hand for the child-like uber-god-spirit, not Martin. I had forgotten that he was The Beast previously, before The Beast was identified.

It didn't have a name in the season finale last season, and here's how it was described: "The gods created something that simply wants. So it has to know one secure place and constant love. If not, if its appetite goes unfed and it's unleashed, even the gods can't stop it." (via this rough transcript).

The gods are so kooky. Why create a destructive, co-dependent spirit/ element? Bored with creation as it was?

Also, the new views of the numerous little funny-shaped worlds is interesting, and I wonder if we'll get to see other worlds beyond Fillory, or understand where they reside.
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I actually really enjoyed anal-retentive linear world tour we got from Umber in S2, now that you mention it, FLT (Cuba, right?). Hoping we see more of these as well!
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I expect the danger is from Irine McAlister. She is the one credited with saving magic and also in cahoots with the Library's rationing scheme.

Irine would give zero fucks about murdering them all to protect her position and keep secrets buried.
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The gods are so kooky. Why create a destructive, co-dependent spirit/ element? Bored with creation as it was?

It's possible this being is the original ur-God, that other gods imprisoned and stole bits of, though couldn't destroy entirely. It says that it doesn't know what they stole and thinks that it was the bit of it that knows things. So it wants everything, to get back what was taken. No wonder it's co-dependent, it has a massive hole where... something... should be.

The only thing that cuts against it is the idea that this was a thing that the gods "created", but that could a) just be false or b) sort of right, in that it was not like this before the gods took from it. But- how else do you have a thing that can't be destroyed, even by gods? it has to be a higher power-level, and power-levels in this mythology seem to be pretty hierarchical. Gods have parents; those parents seem to be strictly more powerful. This one might be the top of the power rankings.
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The wiki calls it the Monster at the End of the World, which is fitting and vague enough. I'm going to just type MEW for short. yes i'm going for a pokemon reference

So Bacchus is really that powerful? I wonder if they'll clash since he's a god and he might have what it wants.

I'm also glad we're done with the glamour by episode 2 already. And I appreciated Kim/Julia's insistence on killing herself until the "perpetual" battery is overloaded/exhausted. Reminds me of stuff like the 12th Doctor spending eons breaking down an ice wall in Doctor Who.
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All we really saw Bacchus do was party and zap Margo home, which by god standards isn't that big of a deal.

I tend to believe that the Monster is a creation. The creation that gets away from you is a thing of myth as well. I rather doubt that a co-dependant killing machine was what they were trying to make.

Quentin does do the best puppy dog eyes, even when he's Brian...
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I think Bacchus is in Fillory wearing a disguise to hide from the monster. The flunky not-Ares sent signaled that the gods know the monster is out and are avoiding him.

I'm not a huge speculation guy, but if they are "leaning in" to the Greek mythology aspect, there is certainly a powerful, ancient being defined by hunger: Chronos.

In season three, we find out that the upside down castle is where *all* the misfits the gods "created" were kept.. but one ended up "eating" all the others. That's sounds a bit like the Titans being trapped in Tartarus, and there is certainly a Titan defined by his hunger.

This also gives Old Penny a chance to come back, since Cronos is a threat to Hades and Our Lady Underground and everyone else. It also gives some idea about what might have been "taken" - he is the " heaven" half of "heaven and earth"

What if "created" means "caused" rather than literally brought into being.

Anyway, thats my random speculation
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All we really saw Bacchus do was party

The good looking monster in the castle under Fillory keeps asking 'will you play with me'. Bacchus does nothing but play and have fun, perhaps part of what was taken was 'fun'.
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What was the deal with pneumatic tube and the roach? I have no idea what Alice's plan was.
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> What was the deal with pneumatic tube and the roach? I have no idea what Alice's plan was.

Her room has magic-blocking or magic-damping paint. The tube, however, does not. The only thing she could find to function outside the tube was the roach, so she stuck her arm far enough down the tube that she could grab some magic and use the roach to look around. One thing she saw was a fireplace which as we all know Santa Claus can use as a method of ingress and / or egress.
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That makes sense. Thanks!
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That's some determination about (likely) getting killed, getting up, and doing it, over and over and over again.

I'm not sure if the dean is being honest and authentic, or planting secret messages for later.
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