Small Animals
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"Small Animals interrogates how we weigh risk as parents, how we judge one another's parenting and what the costs might be--not just to parents, but to children, too--of a culture of constant surveillance." ―New York Times Book Review
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I tore through the audiobook (read by the author). I really liked it. There are some thoughts that stayed with me that might suggest I didn’t like it tho. They are:
- four seems AWFULLY young to be left alone in a car even for a brief trip on a nice day
- I felt a lot of anxiety while listening to this book, which felt odd because it’s a book abt how or anxiety and fear is making us overprotective of our kids. It made sense tho when the author sits down to talk to lorraine skenazy at the end of the book. lorraine skenazy tells the author she must make people more scared of being overprotective than they are of the things that drive hovering parenting behavior.
- brooks asks, at one point, what can an individual parent, who is onboard with free range kids, do if they live in a society that isn’t? She doesn’t answer the question:
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Ugh so many typos! I was on my phone; sorry!
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