The Flash: Goldfaced
February 5, 2019 7:36 PM - Season 5, Episode 13 - Subscribe

Barry and Ralph must go undercover as criminals in an illegal black market to stop Cicada. Meanwhile, Iris does some investigative journalism to locate Cicada, and Nora plays cupid to distract Sherloque from uncovering her secret.
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ha! of course he married the same woman seven times between five universes, about to be eight and six I assume.

The Goldface stuff was questionable, especially where Barry and Ralph took down a bunch of mercenaries, but I'll chalk it up to off-screen police training that they both had. Which makes me wonder why Barry is so terrible in hand-to-hand combat when he's depowered against Cicada, who just swings with brute strength and doesn't seem to have actual fighting skills. If Iris can stab him in the time that he summons his lightning dagger, Barry can definitely get in a punch or two in their previous fights.
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Not to mention the hand-to-hand training he got from Oliver.

Actually, the physical fighting didn't bother me too much. The outnumbered gunfight with the bad guys shooting on a way more powerful setting, on the other hand....

What actually had me fuming was Iris. Look, I get reporters being independent and striking off on their own. What I don't get is that she was so stupid as not to take back-up (or a comm, or at least let people know what she was doing) when she sent nooping around what she believed was the home of the man that is currently their biggest foe. It ticked me off that finding the address and finding him was so, so easy (one source) and that all of Team Flash's other attempts got them nowhere, but in a half second of inspiration, Iris was able to solve the problem. I'm not even going to get into how stupid it was for her to put her bag down in the first place.

I realize the writers tried to make Ralph's and Iris' stories parallel each other (handling things on their own), but the circumstances were entirely different and the framing device failed.
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oh yeah as soon as she picked the lock on that door i was like oh no girl WHAT ARE YOU DOING
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"sent nooping"
I really need to stop posting so late at night. "went snooping". Why do I not catch these typos as I'm posting?
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To be fair, Iris should've nooped right out of that approach and staked the place out instead.
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