RuPaul's All Stars Drag Race: Sex and the Kitty, Girl 3
February 9, 2019 9:37 PM - Season 4, Episode 9 - Subscribe

The All Stars put their acting skills to the test in a "Sex and the City"-inspired mockumentary, and Felicity Huffman and Jason Wu sit in on the judges' panel.
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With Manila gone, and now Latrice? I think it's Trinity's to take, though I would like the All Stars queens to be a little less white. But really, I've lost the interest in any of the remaining queens. #TeamOverThisSeason

Also, my wife pointed out that outside of Manila and Latrice, the "oldest" queen in terms of their original Drag Race seasons was Gia Gunn, from Season 6, then Jasmine Masters, who was on Season 7. Naomi was on #8, Trinity, Valentina and Farah were #9, while Monét and Monique were in the prior season, #10. That's not a lot of time for personal and professional growth from their prior Drag Race appearances.
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God this was a dull episode. You know you're struggling when they take Super Tense Ad Break in the middle of some Rock Paper Scissors.
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I'm hoping it's going to be Monet, but honestly I'd be fine with anyone but Monique. She just annoys the fuck out of me. GOOOOOOOOOOOPPPPPPED
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Yeah I guess out of this lot I’m hoping for Monét. It’ll raise her profile and get her a lot more WoW video gigs (cf Trixie’s pretty good Pit Stop, except the Katya episode, which was GOLD) and I just can’t imagine anyone else doing as well as her as an onscreen off-the-cuff personality.

In that sense Jasmine would have been great (but didn’t have the staying power through the competition), Manila would have been good (and was probably the odds-on favorite at the outset), Latrice would have been pretty good (but definitely picked up some fantasy-living a la Valentina).

Trinity is ok but going to one of the two white queens in the whole dang thing? 😬
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Am I crazy for thinking that Trinity... wasn't that good this episode? I legit thought she would be in the bottom instead of Latrice. Latrice's runway was atrosh but she was funny and very watchable this week, I thought. Trinity's delivery just bugged me.

I guess I'm team Monét and/or Monique, if I'm rooting for someone who's likely to actually win -- as much as I love her, Naomi isn't going to take the crown with a single challenge. Her flogging of catchphrases aside, Monique actually really charmed me this season, and she's had fewer lows than Monet. And her runway tonight was chef's kiss perfect!
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Monique is charismatic and Trinity is fine, but none of these is Alaska/Katya/Ben Dela level, not remotely. All Stars is just running too often.

And that scripted challenge was excruciating.
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I was way off in my expectations too. I thought Monét and Monique top, Latrice and Naomi bottom. Nobody was that good though. It just seemed like a bad challenge, or maybe Naomi threw off the whole thing with the terrible central character.
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I think there is amazing pressure to crown an All-Stars queen of color, so I think Trinity will be set up to fail...
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