Happy Death Day 2U (2019)
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Tree Gelbman discovers that dying over and over was surprisingly easier than the dangers that lie ahead.
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This sequel is sort of their Back to the Future II. It's got more ideas, more characters, more budget... but also a bit less narrative focus, a bit less relentless forward drive. They build onto the one woman in a time loop format and bring in the multiverse and a group of co-conspirators. The slasher aspect is nearly gone, with this entry being more or less a scifi comedy.

They're still riffing on 80s tropes though. The switch from "I have to outwit the slasher" to "We have to figure out the science and outwit the annoying Dean" has them in Real Genius territory this time around.

It still works, though this time they have to rely on our affection for the characters and cheekier gags to keep the wheels turning.

My kid, who is ten and only tentatively getting into scarier stuff, liked the shift into scifi.

The suggestion that maybe Lori would have stayed a good friend instead of having attempted murder if only Tree hadn't poached her love interest was a little weird.

Danielle is even more cartoonish this time... especially in the after credits scene. And while it was cool that Tree got a diverse crew of sidekicks this time, they got precious little development.

If you liked the first one, this survives the diminishing returns effect of sequels to still come out fun enough.
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Yeah, this had some narrative/editing flaws, but it still has what made the original good. Belief suspended; no regrets. I hope it makes a lot of money and that there's a third one.
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Two other random thoughts:

I really thought the movie was going to try and set up the prominent but so far not-plot-integral bleached blond Asian sorority sister with (bleached blond Asian) Ryan. I'm pretty wary of the let's pair off any two people of similar ethnic backgrounds trope, but if that's not why she's there, why the hell is she there? Is anyone ever going to speak to her or engage with her?

And also, does it make my family sound creepy that our favorite part was the montage of outlandish Tree-suicides? The one where she skydived in a bikini and came down in from of Carter and Danielle giving the double bird was particularly hilarious.
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Well - finally saw this - and was pleasantly surprised - watched back to back with the original and I found they meshed nicely. Really hope that they pull a third act out of the not-so-great box office returns.
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I enjoyed the sequel just as much as the orginal: it's ingenious, funny, and affecting.
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Just saw this last night, as Happy Death Day 2U finally made it into HBO rotation. I'm a little confused on some of the sci-fi/timeline details, but, loved it overall.
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Much much dumber, but a lot more fun and funny.

Worth watching back-to-back with the original 'Happy Death Day.'

Agreed, big thematic and genre change, but works well within the plot. Straight up 80's comedy homage. But nothing new.

I enjoyed the subtle T2/T3 references.

If this tickled you at all, I'd recommend 'Future Man.'
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