Brooklyn Nine-Nine: The Crime Scene
February 15, 2019 6:19 AM - Season 6, Episode 6 - Subscribe

Jake and Rosa get a difficult case that Jake has promised the grieving mom he'll solve. Rosa dates a hairdresser and has different hairdos every two minutes.
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This was a pretty touching episode, mostly because of Jake's promising/obsession and Rosa's eventual reuniting with her mom at the end. (And thank gawd Jocelyn seems to be improving with the hairdos as time goes on.)

Best line: "There's blood on the FISH!" Also, the bloody Roomba. And that they can only solve the case after everyone and everything including the smell clears out of there.
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I liked it, but this was a weird little semi-bottle-episode that seems almost to be recasting post-Gina B99 as the Jake and Rosa Show. Was Melissa Fumero doing something else this week?
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Yeah, that’s what I was wondering too, Etrigan. Vacation week?
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They do a Jake and Rosa and They Solve Crimes a few times a season no? Jake works with Rosa when they want to do a real They Are Cops story.
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Someone somewhere else suggested that there were probably budget cuts and possibly that's why Gina went.
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Rosa in the Flock of Seagulls do was perhaps my favorite, though it's a tough contest.

Do not taunt Hitchcock and Scully with rumors of hot dogs.
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I'm guessing that Chelsea Peretti was just ready to move onto other things, like when Donald Glover left Community, but I'm not sure. This was the first time I noticed Hitchcock and Scully in the opening credits, though, even if they were the only series regulars without at least a drop-in in this episode:

Capt. Holt: Informs them that Martez and Dillman were his best detectives.
Sgt. Jeffords: Busts in on the staged crime scene in the briefing room.
Sgt. Santiago: Asleep while Jake and Franco are going crazy recreating the scene.
Det. Boyle: Playing the body.

Incidentally, they seem to have recreated the final shot of the opening credits without Gina.

Anyway, this was one of the best episodes of the entire series, in my opinion, up there with and reminiscent of "The Box."
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I loved Franco McCoy, let the CSI:B99 jokes flow!! I hope he's back.
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Gonna need to see these in a lineup with the bright pink ends and the updo with the baby's breath in it.

Stephanie Beatriz in 4 wigs
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I'm guessing that Chelsea Peretti was just ready to move onto other things

Chelsea Peretti would be crazy not to put to use the fact that her husband is suddenly one of the most powerful people in Hollywood. She has the opportunity to actually put all her talent to work, any which way she wants. She’ll undoubtedly be doing some very interesting things in the years to come.
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I am 100% up for Franco McCoy being a new regular. I suppose his character is too close to Charles so it is unlikely. But I liked all of his entrances and jokes. I guess standard B99 is too classy for me.

For all the talk of Rosa's hair, Jake's hair kept looking weirder and weirder. Is Andy Samberg growing out an aggressive curl or something?

Rosa's mom's entrance seemed like a very sudden shift - from "haven't spoken in a year" to a kind of loving teasing.

I felt like we saw the old Captain Holt again. He has been goofier and more emotionally engaged with his staff lately and I feel like it went on for too long. Those moments lose their humor if they aren't playing off of his usual rigidity.
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Navelgazer: Scully and Hitchcock came in briefly to get the hot dog that Jake "lied about for no reason"
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I loved Franco McCoy, let the CSI:B99 jokes flow!! I hope he's back.

I've always enjoyed Michael Mosley since the (better than its reputation) final season of Scrubs. He was excellent in the criminally short-lived Sirens. Definitely hope he's back!
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Metafilter: For the record I think it's weird that I'm here, too.
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Rosa's funny moments are usually bounded by her personality, or subversions of it, and it was nice to have a couple other sorts of gag, like when she misinterprets Jake talking about security footage and says there's no time to correct the way he walks.
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