Special Event: The Oscar Nominated Short Films 2019: Documentary
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ShortsTV presents a theatrical release of the five Oscar nominees for Best Documentary, Short Subject

Where to see it in theaters (Some theaters split the documentary shorts into two programs, so be sure to check listings)

Available streaming/on demand starting February 19

Review of all films: The Film Stage

Black Sheep [UK, 27 min.]

After the high-profile killing of Damilola Taylor, Cornelius' family move out of London. But when they discover their new town is run by racists, Cornelius takes a drastic step to survive.

website (includes full film) • trailerIMDb

• Reviews: Short of the WeekThe Knockturnal

End Game [USA, 40 min.]

Facing an inevitable outcome, terminally ill patients meet extraordinary medical practitioners seeking to change our approach to life and death.


full film [Netflix, subscription required] •

• Reviews: RSC!Screen Realm

A Night at the Garden [USA, 7 min.]

Archival footage of an American Nazi rally that attracted 20,000 people at Madison Square Garden in 1939, shortly before the beginning of World War 2.

website • IMDb

full film [Vimeo] •

Previous MetaFilter thread

• Review: Eye for Film

Interview with director Marshall Curry

• Articles about the rally: PoliticoWashington PostWashington Post (about the man who charges the stage) •

Lifeboat [USA, 34 min.]

Volunteers from a German non-profit risk the waves of the Mediterranean to pluck refugees from sinking rafts pushing off from Libya in the middle of the night.


• Reviews: Quelle MoviesThe New Yorker

Interview with director Skye Fitzgerald

Period. End of Sentence. [USA, 26 min.]

In a rural village outside Delhi, India, women lead a quiet revolution. They fight against the deeply rooted stigma of menstruation.

The Pad Project websitetrailerIMDb

• Reviews: People's WorldThe Independent Critic

Interview with director Rayka Zehtabchi
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As always, posted on behalf of the wonderful DevilsAdvocate who has put together these awesome posts!
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I wish that A Night at the Garden had been fleshed out with more info about Greenbaum and Kuhn.
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